Friday, July 11, 2008

Krueger Farm Summer Tradition

We are carrying on our Summer tradition at the Krueger Farm concerts. We had a picnic, danced, went on a hayride, and ate the berries right off the bush. Here is my favorite picnic angle.
We met some friends from law school and their two adorable girls. Kaitlyn looked especially cute eating the corn.
I love this picture. Rhett is showing off his dancing skills and as you can see Kaitlyn is very impressed.
Eating blueberries off the bush. Rhett had about 500 blueberries. So did I.
On our way home. A half moon walk into the sunset.
Time to work your magic and pray for some more referrals.


Anonymous said...

So much less cute on full grown folks. You wear it well kiddo.

Hoping for many a referral.

Lori said...

That last photo is fantastic. Want to go to Dalo's Kitchen with us next week while my family's in town?

Talia Jewelry Design said...

bummer we missed this week at krugers. i am sure we will meet up with you all at krugers soon.

LISA said...

Love the pics!!
LOL! Good thing that was Rhett,and not hubby!!

Anonymous said...

Old man Krueger must know you guys by name. It looks like so much fun, dancing fun. . . How do you pay for all the berries you eat as you are picking them? Do they weigh you on your way out?? Rhett looked a bit full in the "cheeks" on the way out. LOVE your pictures!! Such classic shots. Love you guys. . .