Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a really busy and exciting weekend. We explored nature on our hike to Mirror Lake, we picnicked almost every meal, we did a lot of dancing to some of our favorite music, and we had a lot of great family time.
Here are some of the highlights...exploring nature.
Rhett did great on the 1.5 miles up to Mirror Lake, but he cried and disturbed the peace all the way down. Maybe he isn't ready for a "big boy" hike yet. All the way up he kept repeating, "This is really fun." We also learned that he loves to go pee out in nature. He went pee probably 10 times on our way up. I'm fighting the urge to post a great pee picture I took. I guess I'll save that one for his future wife to see.
Here is Rhett pretending to fish at the lake.
We found this really cool centipede/millipede (?) on our hike.
Notice the water, mud, and snow all in the same place. Rhett's heaven. I'm also fighting the urge to post what Rhett looked like after he fell in the lake and was doing a naky dance by the lake.
We soaked up some sun and ate lots of raspberries at Krueger's Farm.
We had lots of picnics last weekend. There was a picnic at mirror lake.
A picnic at Krueger's Farm after some berry picking.
A picnic at Edgefield during the Professor Banjo concert.
There was a picnic even where we weren't allowed to picnic.
We danced and listened to some fun music. We love Sasparilla! We will be seeing more of them this summer.
We also did some dancing with Professor Banjo at his cd release concert.
We had lots of great family time. Here are Dan and Rhett at Mirror Lake.
Rhett and I at the Professor Banjo concert.

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Anonymous said...

WOW again!! What a weekend, I'm exhausted just looking at the pictures. Looked like some great family time.

Thanks for sharing the "Blog Banned" pictures of "Nature Boy". LOVED THEM. Love ME