Friday, August 29, 2008

The Last Summer At Krueger Farm Post

Last night was the last hurrah at Krueger Farm. A few lucky ones got to camp out after the concert....
We were sooooo happy Lori and Abe were able to join us. Here is proof that Rhett is going to be the best big brother ever. Sure, he still wanted to put bark chips in his hair and throw grass on him, but it was all out of love.
Rhett has great somersault skills and he did a lot of practicing at the farm.

The last summer hay ride...fall hay rides soon to come.

...and the first hay ride for Abe.
How strange is this statement?..."I'm so excited to go get my shots for preschool!" Imagine how upsetting it was to find out he didn't need any shots...I told him not to worry, because he will need shots before we go to Ethiopia. He was very relieved.
...and yes, he knows they hurt...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet The Avett Brothers

We went to see the Avett Brothers last night at the Zoo!!!!!!! We have been looking forward to this concert all summer! The Avett Brothers are one of our all time favorite bands. Rhett may be their #1 fan! And we were able to dance to the Avett Brothers with their #2 fan...Elliot and his fun family.
The rain started coming down before the opener came on stage. Rain, bring us down?...maybe a little, but not the kiddos! Rhett had a blast with his buddy Elliot running around in the rain.
Did you know that Cabernet goes great with Elephant Ears?
We didn't come prepared for wasn't supposed to rain this hard! We found a nice dry spot until the Avett Brothers came on stage.
Then we didn't mind getting wet at all!

Here is what our blanket looked like right before the Avett Brothers came on...
After about six songs in the rain we found a great spot under a table umbrella for the rest of the concert.
Meet the Avett Brothers...

The crowd pleaser...

The song we wish they sang...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Warning...Not For The Squeamish

I ran across these pictures the other day.
Haven't you ever asked yourself, "I wonder how slugs mate"?
Well, here you go...
We found this on the side of our house one day in 2007. Dan and I were freaking out so much about how gross and cool it was we made Rhett cry.

Isn't nature so fascinating?
There they go, their separate ways.
Now, let's hope for some good news this week to blog about or who knows what I might choose to blog about next time...let's go REFERRALS!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Coolest Park Ever

We finally saw the Rice family! Yay! We met them at the coolest park ever. Who would've thought the coolest park would be in Wilsonville?

Rhett was very proud when he mastered the hill. He did it again and again and again and again and again...
How great is this slide? Sit on cardboard and you fly down!

Let's do it again soon guys!

Friday, August 15, 2008

On Our Minds

First, here is Rhett on his first visit to the dentist. He loved it and was very brave.
He got a little ouch on his lip at the block party...
-A year ago we started researching about adoption and decided on Ethiopia.
-Almost 18 weeks ago we were placed on the wait list.
In the beginning I didn't think it would take this long. Last September if you told me we wouldn't have our baby in our arms for over a year I would've thought that was crazy. Fortunately the last year has gone by really quick. I know October will come quick also, but when you are in the middle of goes so slow.
No longer is 16 weeks my "magic number"...obviously. Now it is October. I'm sure (as sure as one can be in this world of international adoption) we will know something in October. Until then, send all your love to "baby sister" waiting for her family.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not To Be Overshadowed By Enchanted Forest

We had fun at a block party last weekend. Not our block, but a really fun block close to us. Rhett loved these bucket stilts. When he fell he would say, "Good thing I'm wearing my helmet." Rhett is a very safety conscious kid.
I love Ruby...her personality, spunk, and character are unmatchable. She changed outfits three times...Monica and Greg, just wait until she is in Middle School!
The boys had fun up in the tree fort. Only the boys...I'm fairly certain no girls went up.
Have you ever seen a pack of wild animals rushing to their next meal? Well, that is what the kids looked like rushing to Monica, the Popsicle lady.
Ruby had fun giving herself "tattoos" at the art table.
Greg took a ton of pictures...I especially like this one. Rhett's first keger.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Better Than Disneyland

We spent a magical day at Enchanted Forest.
Rhett next to the magical giant mushrooms.
The animatronics are unbeatable...Here is Snow White.
Where else can you walk into a witches mouth and slide down her hair? Does Rhett look a little worried?
Fun in the claustrophobic cave.
The woman who lived in a shoe...slide. That is Rhett with Uncle Ryan.
There was a crooked man who lived in a crooked house...
A trip to Enchanted Forest wouldn't be the same without the play. Rhett's face pretty much stayed like this the whole time. Shock and awe...
The play opened up with a "lute hero" joke.
Not to be done without the classic "read my lips" joke.
Rhett cried when it was over...he was so distraught he wouldn't look at the thespians or open his eyes for a picture.
Dan has finally found proof that Enchanted Forest is better than Disneyland.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breakthroughs and Closures

Rhett had a breakthrough with his art yesterday. I was watering the garden and Rhett told me he made two guys. This usually means a combination of circles and lines, so I didn't rush over. This time his circles and lines really resembled "guys." I was a very proud Mama.
It is possible that the courts in Ethiopia will be closing today until the first of October. It is a little bitter sweet for me. I have been waiting for today, because now that it has come we can now look forward to the reopening. There have been no referrals, but this could be because of the court closure and the fact that everyone involved with the courts are working hard to get as many families through the court process before the closure.