Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breakthroughs and Closures

Rhett had a breakthrough with his art yesterday. I was watering the garden and Rhett told me he made two guys. This usually means a combination of circles and lines, so I didn't rush over. This time his circles and lines really resembled "guys." I was a very proud Mama.
It is possible that the courts in Ethiopia will be closing today until the first of October. It is a little bitter sweet for me. I have been waiting for today, because now that it has come we can now look forward to the reopening. There have been no referrals, but this could be because of the court closure and the fact that everyone involved with the courts are working hard to get as many families through the court process before the closure.


lori said...

Those ARE two guys, and each with his own personality. I love how Rhett is standing in the first shot, proudly displaying his art like a chef displays his finest meal.

Erin Sager said...

I feel your frustration about the slow time. You are so close to your referal it will come and be perfect! I haven't tried Dalos Kitchen yet just looked it up, I really liked Queen of Sheba, I'm excited to try Dalo's thanks for the tip...Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

We will be looking for drawings of us here in Florida. Really amazing this came right out of the blue. That's great. Of course it is. . . ! No words of wisdom on the courts closing, other than "Good things. . ." You can finish the rest. Love you all

LISA said...

Good job Rhett!
The referrals HAVE to be coming.
Airfare to Ethiopia is SO high right now,and will go down in late September.Save more money just in case it doesn't! We are not prepared for the increase!