Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fort Stevens

We had a family adventure to Fort Stevens this week. It was a great time. Here is Rhett building a sand castle by the Peter Iredale shipwreck.
The beach is completely Rhett's element. He was sort of happy...
Rhett flew the kite all by himself. "I probably won't let it go..."
Here is our yurt. I'm not too sure I want to "camp" without one ever again. As far as camping goes, it was luxury.
Roasting our sausage over the fire. The best basil sausage ever!
Reading a book by the fire. Rhett is blocking his eyes from the smoke.
Mmmmmm...bacon in the morning cooked over an open flame.
We made a stop at Fort Clatsop and learned a little about Lewis and Clark. Rhett loved this "real" fort.
Thanks to the Astoria Clowns. Without them this brick wouldn't be here at the Astoria Column.
The Column was closed this time. Instead of throwing the planes from the top we threw them all around the Column. I think this was a highlight of Rhett's trip.


riggity said...

we're very sad we couldn't go with you guys. I desparately need to find a way to be rich without ever having to go to work.

Christi said...

You guys make everything look so fun!

Monica said...

hooray that looks super fun! i wanna go!!

The Soucys said...

You find majorly rocksome things to do as a family- I love it! I think camping in a yurt would be loads of fun!

LISA said...

Oh my gosh! That looks like SO much fun!!
Rhett definetly looked happy!!
He's always full of expression!

Anonymous said...

Too much fun. . . I know there is no such thing, but you guys are right there at the limit. Looked like a regular cool summer day at the Oregon Beaches. The Yurt looked like a luxury suite, but still in the setting of an adventure. I'm sure by now your on the way to your the next adventure. . . Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great time!These are the things you never forget. A great time to go camping before your new arrival. Grammy OX