Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not To Be Overshadowed By Enchanted Forest

We had fun at a block party last weekend. Not our block, but a really fun block close to us. Rhett loved these bucket stilts. When he fell he would say, "Good thing I'm wearing my helmet." Rhett is a very safety conscious kid.
I love Ruby...her personality, spunk, and character are unmatchable. She changed outfits three times...Monica and Greg, just wait until she is in Middle School!
The boys had fun up in the tree fort. Only the boys...I'm fairly certain no girls went up.
Have you ever seen a pack of wild animals rushing to their next meal? Well, that is what the kids looked like rushing to Monica, the Popsicle lady.
Ruby had fun giving herself "tattoos" at the art table.
Greg took a ton of pictures...I especially like this one. Rhett's first keger.


sarah said...

fun block party!

you have cool neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Like I said I knew there was more fun to come. . . Put some wiskers on that kid at the keg and it would look like he was in college. . . Oh higher education. At least he wasn't doing a handstand next to the keg with his mouth open. You guys are just surrounded with fun. Love to you all.