Friday, August 15, 2008

On Our Minds

First, here is Rhett on his first visit to the dentist. He loved it and was very brave.
He got a little ouch on his lip at the block party...
-A year ago we started researching about adoption and decided on Ethiopia.
-Almost 18 weeks ago we were placed on the wait list.
In the beginning I didn't think it would take this long. Last September if you told me we wouldn't have our baby in our arms for over a year I would've thought that was crazy. Fortunately the last year has gone by really quick. I know October will come quick also, but when you are in the middle of goes so slow.
No longer is 16 weeks my "magic number"...obviously. Now it is October. I'm sure (as sure as one can be in this world of international adoption) we will know something in October. Until then, send all your love to "baby sister" waiting for her family.

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Anonymous said...

Rhett is pretty cool looking for being in a Dentist chair. Hope the check up was good. Every day sending you hope, caring and loving thoughts for your new baby. The rest of it there are no words only back to those thought for you and I'll keep them coming. Love ME