Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fast Food Nation

We Lapours are foodies...we love great, whole, natural foods...
Don't think I'm a snot, but Rhett has never had a fast food french fry in his whole life. He has never had fast food. We don't drill him, but he knows McDonald's is "not a healthy choice for your body." He loves healthy foods. I'm so proud of that.
The other day our neighbor came over and we were talking about the "appetizer" he was eating...tomatoes and raw zucchini with vinegar. She asked Rhett, "Is there any food that would make you say yuck?" I was wondering the answer, because he will eat anything. His answer..."fast food?" I thought that was really funny.
Then today while we were out at a store, Rhett picked up a credit card application. I joked around, asking Rhett if he wanted a credit card. I asked him, "If you could buy anything you wanted, what would be the first thing you would buy?" His answer..."tomatoes and vinegar." Curious...
Here are Rhett and Elliot eating barbecue pizza.
Crepes with Nutella on the back patio.
Fresh farm veggies and strawberries.
Chicken sausage and pasta dinner out camping.
Yummy strawberry and raspberry hand pies at Krueger Farm.


sarah said...

That's so cute!

I love that he's a little foodie.

Lori said...

This is awesome, Autumn. And the cool thing about you guys is that even though you're a family of foodies, you're not food *snobs*. Food snobs are the *worst*. Gross.

Anonymous said...

Great answer on the "yuck" question. That is one amazing kid. This all made me hunger for your cooking Aututmn. I have not had the grilled pizza yet. That is first one my list the next time I'm in town. Eliott sure looks cute. . . those kids are growing up so fast. Love to all.

lori said...

Ya, I didn't think I was hungry until I read this entry. Zoiks.

I say way to go, Autumn, on your food style. It's less convenient, sometimes more expensive, and requires more discipline to eat well as opposed to following the mainstream way. But you're not a snob because of your choices; I think snobiness is in the approach, you know?

Yay for good food.