Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We Have Family In Eugene!

We made a trip to Eugene last weekend to visit Uncle Ryan and Aunt Anne...and Dobby.
Here is a sneak preview of Rhett's ring bearer outfit.
We went on a great hike with Aunt Anne and Uncle Ryan up Spencer Butte. Rhett is quite the rock climber.
Here we are at the top.

This picture is for Lori...a mama and baby mushroom.
What Dan and Ryan do together...beer tasting.
Ryan brewed some of his own beer for the wedding.


Anonymous said...

Yea! It was so fun finally having people come visit. Dobby was EXHAUSTED on Sunday evening...maybe even as tired as Rhett:) thanks again for coming!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Can I go to Eugene the next time I'm in town? I may just skip the hiking and stay home with Ryan and his lastest BREW and watch Rhett trying to catch Dobby. Tell Ryan HI the next time you see him and I can't wait to meet his bride to be. It looked like Rhett was leading the pack again. Once again it ALL looked like TOO MUCH FUN. Love ME

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say to make sure Rhett's shirt is ironed for the wedding. . . (He looked real excited about the tie!) Ryan & Dan should remember why I would say that about an ironed shirt! Perhaps you should put Justin in charge of that detail if he is going to the wedding. Sorry just a memory I have from your wedding. . . Ask DAN. LOVE ME