Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun Times

We had a great visit with Gramps last week. We did a few new things and a lot of "everyday" things with Gramps.
Rhett learned how to play the conch shell. He was inspired from a Connor Oberst song (this is the song, but the conch part isn't in it) that has a conch in the beginning. My Dad got Rhett some conch shells and drilled the holes, so Rhett could make music. Let me tell you, he is really good at it. He says, "Just like Conner Oberst!"
We built a very elaborate train, lincoln log ("blinkin blog"), and block city. We had to leave it for days, because Rhett doesn't do well when we have to put his "masterpieces" away. Elliot knows this all too well when he erased one of Rhett's masterpieces, unknowing of the importance.
Of course there was the regular jam with Gramps on the guitar and Rhett on the banjo.
We put Gramps and Rhett to work raking the leaves.
Then Rhett jumped in. Yes, Dad, he cried when we finally picked up the leaves.
We took Gramps to Omsi.
We took Gramps to swim lessons.
We took Gramps to preschool.
Rhett and Gramps played the drums.
We took Gramps to HopWorks. Rhett is a little hyped up on sugar lemonade.
We were very sad to see Gramps go. Thanks for being there for all the good (and some of the not so good) times Dad.
I will leave you all with the song of the week...
Monkey man, monkey man. (dad's line)
Living in a garbage can. (my line)
Eating all the rotten eggs and broken toys. (Rhett's line)


Anonymous said...

Few word and too much emotion from the absolutely perfect visit I had with you guys. . . I know I have used this line TOO much in my comments, but you guys ARE WAY TOO MUCH!!! LOVE YOU BACK THE SAME WAY.

Christi said...

Nothing like a good Gramps to have around to make these days go a little faster until THE BIG DAY arrives...I'm thinking it's soon.

Lori said...

I love the Monkey Man song. Really. I'm sorry I missed meeting your dad. We'll be back soon and I'm so looking forward to some Autumn-time in the Portland Autumn, hopefully in parks free of little bullies and boneheads.

Anonymous said...

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