Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Something For M.

I just bought this sweet painting for M. I read about the artist here and I bought it here. I love it. I think M. will too.
Waiting for the said snow to fall....


The Hedwall Family said...

What a sweet pic! I love it. Hope you all are enjoying the snow. I am definitely getting cabin fever. I look forward to seeing M's picture!

Eryn said...

very sweet! I see you're addicted to Etsy as well, I am an etsyaholic!

Andrea said...

Hi Autumn,

Of course I remember you! Congrats to you on your referral! I hope you have your travel dates soon. And congrats on your first child, Rhett, too. He's a doll! I didn't know you had kids.

Are you still in the Portland area? I'd love to catch up. I just went a message to your facebook inbox with my contact info.

God bless you,

Anonymous said...

Wow say Hi to Andrea. . . Such an amazing World these days to find old friend in cyberspace.

I can see the new baby "M's" room starting to take shape. It will be wonderful to see EVERYTHING in place soon. . . Love to you all. . . and EVERYBODY!