Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Arctic Blast

Our backyard and deck looks a little less trashy with the snow. This cone has been a great gage for how much snow we have gotten.

Apparently there is still more to come. We had a white Christmas last year too, but not like this!


Christina, Tyler & Logan said...

I think we took practically the same picture of the tree branches. Mine is on my blog too. Happy Snow Day!

Anonymous said...

Crazy! Portland almost has more snow than Alaska! What kind of flip universe is that? Enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

That is definetly more snow then I've ever seen in Portland. It must be awesome for Rhett. WHERE IS THE SNOWMAN!! Do I need to fly in and help you guys. There's an idea!!! You can see how cold it is by Rhett's little red face. . . I wish WE were there!! Love ME