Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Conversation With Rhett

Rhett: Mommy, Bjork is really cold.
Me: Yes, Iceland is really cold.
Rhett: I want to go to Bjork sometime.
Me: Do you mean New York?
Rhett: Yes, Bjork.
Me: Ok.


Sam's mom said...

Whew! for a second there, I thought he wanted to see the strange girl who wore the swan costume to the Oscars several years ago.

Melissa and the boys said...

Parker: Daddy! I gave your erection evelope to the lady!

Matt: My Election envelope?

Parker: Yeah! Your erection envelope!

Gotta love them!!!

Anonymous said...

The things he comes up with on this "Blinkin Blog". . . I do love the conversation dialogues with that articulate young man. He is going to make one great "Big Brother". Love to ALL!!!!