Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What is with this weird holiday tradition of making our children...sometimes sit on some hairy mans lap? We tell our kids that funny looking elves make their expensive toys and we parents don't get any of the credit, this hairy guy does. I do this to myself by introducing Rhett to this guy every year. This year we got to be there when Abe was introduced. He looks happy here, but beware when Santa stands up...shock and dismay from this little one.
Also, why do we teach our kids it is OK to ask this hairy guy for stuff. I wish Rhett would ask for Peace on Earth or his baby sister, but no. He asks for, "You know that car toy that you go, whoosh whoosh, and then you let go and it goes around all the way back....."
I'm not even going to tell you how crazy this Santa was...I'll just say, he wasn't the "Santa" type.
I think Rhett was just as uncomfortable on Santa's lap as this Santa was to have kids on his lap. Evidence: Rhett's funny forced smile. Next year, baby M will be forced to sit on a hairy man's lap. Sorry baby girl.


Talia Jewelry Design said...

bummer we missed it - i think? i have tried telling elliot santa isn't real (mean I know), but he doesn't believe mw anyway. oh well. miles is feeling a bit better. fussy, but better. abe is stinking cute! rhett too - even with a forced smile.

Stacie said...

That's so funny. I do think it strange that we force this upon our kids. Rhett does look adorable - even with the forced smile!

Today we're going to see the Grinch and I'm secretly hoping that Micah likes him better than Santa. Not sure if that will be the case. How do I propose to him to sit on the lap of a giant green furry thing? :)
I personally like the Grinch better than Santa - he has more character :)

Anonymous said...

There is more here then the good Santa, bad Santa and traditions. . . I remember the evidence I would leave to keep you kids believing. . . to me that was magical and then one day somehow a child realizes and this too has it's connection to the meaning of Christmas. It may not seem like it, but all of this has it's place in a child's heart along with the true meaning of Christmas. . . Love to ALL!!!!

Eryn said...

It was so nice to meet you today! I will be following your story closely :)

Erin Sager said...

Autumn, so glad you liked the decal...I was so bummed I couldn't meet up, but hoping we can all do it again sometime.....It's been pretty slow on the referral end, but looks like a lot of court dates coming up, hope you here something very soon....Erin