Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coming Soon.......

Baby Doll patterns for the class I'm teaching at Bolt. My goal is to have them done by this coming Tuesday.
Go to Bolt and visit these dollies and sign up for my class!...if you want.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

M.'s New Baby Doll

With special help from big brother, baby M. has a new doll. Rhett helped stuff her with "fluff and love."
Baby M.'s doll needed an "M" of course.
Just a little more than 1 week until the court date.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Sneak Peek and Proof We Are Getting Closer

Here is a tiny peek into M.'s room.
We made another snowman last weekend.

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks until our court date!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rhett Is Almost Four

A little sneak peak at Rhett's handmade birthday present. A birthday crown.

First Roller Skate

We went roller skating last week with some preschool friends. It was so much fun! Rhett loved it at first, on the carpet. Then I said, "Get ready, the rink is much more rolly." He freaked out and said, "I'm worried!" As soon as I went out and showed him how rolly it was, he went out and had a blast, mostly. He had one really hard fall and I thought it was all over, but no, he got back up and we had a great time.

So, it turns out he doesn't like skating. Only because he didn't want it to end.
I'm aware that "rolly" isn't a word, but with a 3 year old, that is just how you talk sometimes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Therapy

It feels so good to knit. I love that my therapy is also a passion.
This was a Christmas present for Mom. She liked it. Me too, I think I'll make one for myself next.
This is a cowl neck warmer for ME. M.'s sweater is still in the works, but at the yarn store this yarn jumped out at me and I decided I had to knit something with it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

Wish we were there now. It's not hotter than Hades today, like it was on this day....

What a good day it is...
Oh, today is 3 weeks until our court date.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Baby Doll Love

This is sweet Zoralee with her baby doll. I made one for baby Zoralee commissioned by Elisha after she was born. One reason I love this picture is, because the doll is bigger than the baby. Thanks Lori and Jason for sending me this picture!
Please, keep the pictures coming...all you recipients of a baby doll. It makes my day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Normal

I thought I better hurry up so that sad post wasn't at the top anymore...
Here is our family room collage. At top left...a huge picture of M.

Thanks for all the kind words. Not to pick favorites, but I like what Christi said. "It would be really weird if this wait wasn't this emotionally draining for you." I guess it is normal to feel this way. After reading my post Dan thought I had officially lost it, but I assure you, it's normal. It would be weird if I didn't feel this way. Buying a new pair of shoes helps with a sad day, I have found. And remember, I'm not a shoe person, so you know I'm just not myself these days.

A Post Without A Title

If only we started the process 6 months earlier...the wait for a referral would've been around 3 months instead of 7 1/2.
If only we got our referral about 4 months earlier...the wait for court would've been 5 weeks instead of 13 weeks.
Although, I know if this was the case, we wouldn't be bringing home M.

If you know me, please don't tell me to be patient, to think positive, that I will forget about this wait once M is home, that it is all part of God's plan...because I'm hanging on by a thread, I will never forget this wait, and I know God doesn't want orphans in the world and doesn't want M to wait any longer than she has to. She has a home and she needs to be home.

Ethiopia adoption (international adoption) is ever changing and we (and many others) are caught in the middle.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun Times In Eugene

We had a great visit with Aunt Anne and Uncle Ryan last weekend. A couple of the highlights...The Pizza Research Institute, the Science Factory,... and Uno with Aunt Anne,...
...and cooties after dinner.
Happy Birthday Aunt Anne!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

*EDITED* Your Very Own Habesha Doll

Changes have been made to my ETSY store! Now 15% of all purchases will go to Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. So, go, place your order. Even better, order one of my dolls at EOR! Just imagine, your son or daughter could be this happy holding their very own Habesha doll. Maybe your child could be this happy, but I don't know if they will be just as cute as Mari (*) or this sweet "Habesha Child?"

Thanks, Jill, for letting me post these pictures of Mari!
Warning: Very soon, every order will be taking longer then the 2-3 weeks. We have a trip to Ethiopia on the horizon.

It's Christmas Day In Ethiopia

Our Rhett is a lover. He takes care of his little animals, he very lovingly cares for a bear for M, and today at preschool he took M's photo out of his cubby to share with his friends. One of the parent helpers said he very proudly said, "This is my sister. Her name is M...and it means..." It made me a proud Mama. The idea of the photo in the cubby wasn't mine, but a two time adopted Mama with two of the cutest little girls. Hi, Carrie...great idea.
Melkam Ghena (Merry Christmas) baby girl. I hope you got a little extra lovin' today. Just 5 more weeks until the court date.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Favorite Music

At long last, here is our 2008 favorite music post. We have limited ourselves to albums released in 2008. Autumn and I actually agreed on the top 5 albums, but not on the order (except #1). So, we have named our favorite album, followed by the next 4 in no particular order. Here we go...

#1 - The Dodos, Visiter

This San-Fransisco based band put out the most fun and creative album we heard this year. Similar to Animal Collective (but less abstract), I guess their music could be called psychedelic folk. These guys are very talented musicians.

And the rest...

Bonnie Prince Billy, Lie Down in the Light

Just watch this video. Awesome.

Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes

As Autumn said, "it's just really good."

Jenny Lewis, Acid Tongue

While this album is very good, it became a favorite after seeing it performed live.

Conor Oberst, Conor Oberst

While the straightforward country-rock flair of this album turned many people off, it's the reason I love it. Rhett's favorite lyrics to sing along to this year: "Help me get my boots on, help me get my boots on, help me get my boots back on!"

Honorable mention: Department of Eagles, Wolf Parade, TV on the Radio, Blitzen Trapper, Horse Feathers