Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Birthday Party?

Rhett had another birthday party. I must say it was a great distraction! I have been busy planning, organizing, cleaning, and baking for the last few days. This is one reason I planed this party. I knew it would do me good. Not sure it did Rhett (the spoiled 4-year-old) any good, but it was a good time had by all. Here are some of the highlights.
5 dozen berry muffins.
Generous gifts.
Stories to tell.
Good conversation.
Noisy party blowers.
More conversing.
A tough game of musical're out!
Old friends...reunited again.
Uno in the sunshine.
A good friend and his birthday card.
A sweet girl on the step

It was fun, but he isn't getting two parties next year....


sarah said...

i'm pretty sure jeremy ate at least one dozen of those muffins.

Lori said...

Naked, socked Abe is standing beside me as I write this saying "Ett" over and over while pointing towards our front door. I think he wants him to come over Monday. Awesome party.

Talia Jewelry Design said...

We had a great time! I think Miles at one dozen of those muffins too!

April said...

I'm so happy you posted pictures of Rhett's birthday tonight!! I needed something fun to look at. I'm still up (1:15am) writing Methods for this paper that was due LAST Sunday. I sure love happy distractions!
Happy Birthday 2X Rhett!!!!

Gretchen said...

Ummm. Yeah. I definitely want that stuffed dog/monster thing. No question about it.

Tell Rhett I'm super duper jealous of him and his two parties. And his stuffed dog/monster thing.

Less than one more day to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun for all with quite a house full. Rhett looked like he was in his glory. . . Wish we were there!! Take care.