Friday, February 6, 2009


This was in this weeks update from our agency...HOH is where M. is now. This brought me to tears and really filled me with comfort....I thought I would share. Tsegay and his wife are the directors of HOH.

HOH (House of Hope)
For those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting the HOH as of yet, I know that families come back from their trip telling everyone how wonderful the HOH is and how well the staff takes care of the children, and the families, when they are in the country…and it’s all true J; however, I wanted to share the impressions of a US doctor who recently visited the HOH. Up until now he has not been familiar with our work or the HOH.

From the Doctor:
I finally made it to the home and was very impressed.

The home is well out of the center of Addis, perhaps a 15-20 minute drive from the airport. From the entrance gate to the grounds, living areas and children's rooms the place is probably the cleanest and best maintained home I have seen in two visits to Ethiopia. Please do not expect American standards but this place was cleaner than any hospital, home or hotel in which I have stayed or visited.

Tsegay is a sincere and marvelous fellow who was completely open in not just answering all questions, but spontaneously amplifying upon the issues. He is a former school teacher. He himself found the place (an empty deteriorated home), plastered, painted, cleaned, bought all furniture, etc. On the grounds they have two guest apartments and use a nearby guest house if necessary. Each "nanny" is assigned to three children. Babies are held for all feedings.

I am very impressed with this agency and the fine work that they are doing.


sarah said...

that is so comforting to hear! (especially how the nannies hold the babies while they eat)
we're excited to see you guys tomorrow!

handfull of johnsons said...

I'm so glad you got to hear that. And we all know that M is for SURE her nanny's favorite, so she's getting held lots. When I was a nanny, I held the babies WAY more than for feedings, that was my job! I'll bet all three of those babies are getting kissed, cuddled, sang to and LOVED until they are finally in mama's arms. I wish I could fast forward time for you so bad.

Sam's mom said...

YEAH! and I'm sure M is snuggled and kissed and hugged constantly. I'm picturing that she is quite the charmer and cannot wait to see pictures. I'm sure when you receive some update photos she will be so different -- so much plumper because of the excellent loving care @ HOH!

Christi said...

I have goosebumps, just picturing her there.

God, please comfort Autumn right now and as she sleeps tonight. Wrap her tight in your arms so she can't feel how empty they are. Thank you already for what you are doing in little M's life.

Anonymous said...

All of this is coming to you now as a helping hand until little "M" is in your arms. This is very wonderful to hear for you but I know the release of the longing can only happen with her in your arms. . . Take all the comfort you can in knowing the care she is getting and the rest is on it's way. Your strength in this has been amazing and all your faithful supporters have been with you every step of the way. . . With all the blessings put into this process the out come is already wrapped inside of all those blessings and being carried to you. There is no greater protect then what you have given of yourself Autumn and that has no place to go other then right back to you. . . Love Dad

Gretchen said...

That write-up from CHI made me a bit teary as well.

THIS IS YOUR BIG WEEK! I'm thinking about you all the time....

Anonymous said...

This warms my heart to hear. Just knowing that someone is rocking our little Mezmur. I can't wait until it's our turn.