Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ode to Abe

Seriously, how lucky are we that we have this little boy in our lives?...and we get to baby-sit him? Yes, we baby-sat Abe on Friday for a night of fun and cuddles. First was "the band." I love that Abe goes straight for the guitar and Rhett goes straight for the drums. They might just have a band when they are 8 and 11, maybe.
Abe loves Rhett and Rhett adores Abe. It is really love. Rhett loved how Abe says "meow" when he asks, "What does a kitty say, Abe?" Abe got so many hugs and kisses Friday from Rhett.
Abe loves are child size cleaning tools.
I made Dan drop what he was doing to capture this moment... I was very lucky that it lasted a lot longer than I expected.
This time was so special on Friday and it was just the thing I needed. We love Abe and can't wait for him to meet his new friend...M. Oh, his parents are pretty great too.


Eryn said...

they really are SO cute together! What fun to have such special friends!

Lori said...

Tears. We are so thankful to have you guys in our life. That last picture is one of the sweetest things I've seen.
Can't wait for that band to form in earnest in about 15-20 years, and by "in earnest" I mean: making enough money to support both sets of parents through their retirement :)
By the way, when I clicked on your page, Abe started YELLING at the computer, "Ett! Ett! Ett!"

Anonymous said...

I know I use this too much. . . but this post is TOO much. I agree with Abe's parents the last picture brought tears to my eyes also. Once again I am at a lose for words. What a gift. I would pay money now to see this band play their music. I think they need a female vocalist though. . . SOON!! I think you know who. . . LOVE TO ALL.