Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eight Months Today

Eight months and so many skills...
Picking up O's.
Putting O's in mouth.
Growing teeth and gaining weight...That's a skill, right?
Looking surprised. She has mastered this one, I think.
Being cute.
Putting her foot in her mouth. Now, that's a skill.

My new skill...typing with one hand.
Rhett's new skill...being the best big brother and always getting Mez to smile.
I'm sure Dan is acquiring some new skills too...he does get some of the best smiles from Mez, but his skills most likely have to do with taxes at the moment.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Life With Two....

...is pretty great.
Rhett now begs for baths with his sister.

A new chapter in family cooking. This time with two "helpers"...if you consider "helping" licking the spoon clean. No, Mezmur didn't get any chocolate on her spoon.
Look how she looks at her brother...she loves him.

Seriously, how lucky am I?
Sorry for the advertisement for Trader Joes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Perfect Fit

If you see us around town you will see this cutie in this hat and sweater... everyday until she can't squeeze into them anymore.

Obviously I don't just mean the sweater and hat is a perfect fit...

Oh, and while these photos uploaded I read this. Seriously, how great is Courtney? It is posts like this that makes a gal feel oh-so-good and oh-so-loved. Thanks for your kind words, Courtney. The day I hear that you got "the call" will be the day we pop open a good bottle of wine in NE Portland and celebrate your beautiful growing family and Mezmur's new friend.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Highlights (and Heartbreak) of Ethiopia

Rhett finally falling asleep on the plane
landing in Mezmur's birthplace
meeting other CHI families and their babies
seeing the HOH for the first time...mystery solved
waiting to meet our babies for the first time
meeting Mezmur for the first time
being so glad Rhett was with us
Rhett saying, "I love her so much more than her picture"
meeting K.
meeting the women who took care of Mez before we could
hugging Sunamauyta good-bye
a room full of kids at the HOH blowing me kisses
drying laundry
meeting Tsegay and the HOH staff
Rhett calling Mezmur, "Mezzy" in front of Tsegay
a traditional Ethiopian feast at the HOH
Ethiopia Guest House
finally seeing Mezmur smile
middle of the night alarm clocks...wink-wink
prayers at 4:am on speakers
packs of wild dogs
tiny baby alarm clock every 2 hours
Mezmur smiling at her Mama from across the room
reading the first bedtime story to both of our kids for the first time
finishing Mezmur's visa and hearing congratulations
lots of injera
the monkey that grabbed Rhett's hand
seeing the lions at the lion zoo
coffee, coffee, coffee
many coffee ceremonies with popcorn
Julie taking care of Mezmur while we went to the orphanage
the heartbreak of Mezmur's orphanage
watching Rhett give a little boy a soccer ball at the orphanage
getting rammed by a steamroller in the van
no seat belts or car seats...one of Rhett's highlights
one beep/I'm here and two beeps/get out of my way
the smell of exhaust that you get used to
Mezmur in the Ergo
Rhett never wearing shoes
the best coffee EVER
finding our painting in the corner on the floor...here
Rhett being teased at the guest house
people of Ethiopia wanting to touch Rhett's hair, pick him up, take him by the arm
the beauty and fresh air of the mountains
the happiness, kindness, and hard working people of Ethiopia
Sophie the giraffe
the gate guard playing with Rhett's Minnie
seeing the carousel full of babies with lollipops
making injera
street workers and their "hot" outfits...a nod to Julie and Brian
Mez the "pooping machine"
coming home

This may be an ongoing list. There were so many highlights, but the biggest is Mezmur and finally being home as a family of four.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


We had a wonderful homecoming on Wednesday night. Here is the group...minus the photographer, Cynthia. Thanks for the amazing photos, Cynthia!
Two of three sweet girls...
The first family photo at HOME.
See...she still has that surprised look at times (Julie, you can relate:).
The first time meeting Nana.
First car ride home with the best big brother ever.
It may be impersonal and public, but thank you to everyone who helped us get here. Thanks for prayers and good thoughts, thanks for donation contributions, thanks for being there, and now that we are home thanks for the visits, emails, and for starting a food chain! You know who you are and you will all be thanked personally, but I wanted to tell the world that we are so grateful for YOU.