Sunday, March 22, 2009

Highlights (and Heartbreak) of Ethiopia

Rhett finally falling asleep on the plane
landing in Mezmur's birthplace
meeting other CHI families and their babies
seeing the HOH for the first time...mystery solved
waiting to meet our babies for the first time
meeting Mezmur for the first time
being so glad Rhett was with us
Rhett saying, "I love her so much more than her picture"
meeting K.
meeting the women who took care of Mez before we could
hugging Sunamauyta good-bye
a room full of kids at the HOH blowing me kisses
drying laundry
meeting Tsegay and the HOH staff
Rhett calling Mezmur, "Mezzy" in front of Tsegay
a traditional Ethiopian feast at the HOH
Ethiopia Guest House
finally seeing Mezmur smile
middle of the night alarm clocks...wink-wink
prayers at 4:am on speakers
packs of wild dogs
tiny baby alarm clock every 2 hours
Mezmur smiling at her Mama from across the room
reading the first bedtime story to both of our kids for the first time
finishing Mezmur's visa and hearing congratulations
lots of injera
the monkey that grabbed Rhett's hand
seeing the lions at the lion zoo
coffee, coffee, coffee
many coffee ceremonies with popcorn
Julie taking care of Mezmur while we went to the orphanage
the heartbreak of Mezmur's orphanage
watching Rhett give a little boy a soccer ball at the orphanage
getting rammed by a steamroller in the van
no seat belts or car of Rhett's highlights
one beep/I'm here and two beeps/get out of my way
the smell of exhaust that you get used to
Mezmur in the Ergo
Rhett never wearing shoes
the best coffee EVER
finding our painting in the corner on the
Rhett being teased at the guest house
people of Ethiopia wanting to touch Rhett's hair, pick him up, take him by the arm
the beauty and fresh air of the mountains
the happiness, kindness, and hard working people of Ethiopia
Sophie the giraffe
the gate guard playing with Rhett's Minnie
seeing the carousel full of babies with lollipops
making injera
street workers and their "hot" outfits...a nod to Julie and Brian
Mez the "pooping machine"
coming home

This may be an ongoing list. There were so many highlights, but the biggest is Mezmur and finally being home as a family of four.


Missy said...

What a great post!!! Thanks for getting those of us still waiting excited about our upcoming journey!!

April said...

YAY!! Great Pictures!! Great highlights!!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

So much to take in I sure but everything big and small will forevere become a part of you. Such a great experience and I'm sure you saw more heartbreak then you wanted but the spirit within it all had to be as much of an impression to you. With your spirit and your part to change the lives your family has touch may seem small but it's not. . . It's huge along with the steps you took to get there. Every time I think of what you have done words have no meaning. Just so, so proud of you. Love to all!!!!

Stacie said...

AH! I've been catching up and I can't stop crying - happy tears, mind you! Love that Rhett - such a sweet big brother! And your beautiful baby girl! So happy for you all!

PS - And then I just read dad-gramps comment - and I'm bawling again! :)

Gretchen said...

I am so glad you are home and posting! The pictures are simply incredible. How I wish I could stop by your pad for a big cup of coffee and personal slideshow!!! What a joy it is to see your sweet Mezmur in your arms.

I plan on sending a long email your way ever so soon....

Blog Shmog said...

that picture of Rhett smiling at her on the bed is to die for! Love hearing more...

Eryn said...

Gosh, hearing all of these blessings makes me teary. I better pack lots of tissue when I see it for myself!

Amy B. said...

So glad to see your sweet family of four made it home safe and sound. It was so nice to meet you in D.C. and then to see you on embassy day in Ethiopia (such a special day). Your little girl is precious and it is great that Rhett is such a fantastic big brother. Congratulations to all of you. Hopefully one day our paths will cross again...until then, I will keep up with your via blog land :)

Meredith said...

fabulous fabulous fabulous post! Welcome home!

Erin Sager said...

love the photos, so precious. Thanks for posting...

Julie said...

Oh I love this post, and I love the pictures, and I just love the memories and it all makes me cry happy tears! Love, love, love it. And miss so much of it.

lori said...

Thanks for letting us drop by, Autumn, to meet Mezmur and Rhett. You guys are going to have a hoot as a foursome. Yay for families!

April said...

I Love it! I remember this time so well. The beautiful video you sent us of Z- I watched it 1000 times!