Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I just had to share these great pictures. What a love this boy is! That furry boy is Beau...Rhett sure loved seeing Beau today. Thanks, Cynthia for sending these pictures...oh, yeah, I didn't take these pictures.
Rhett finally got a haircut. After much fight about wanting to keep his "rock 'n' roll hair" like Uncle Aris. "Mommy, my hair is supposed to be in my eyes...I have rock 'n' roll hair." We took him to the Portland rock 'n' roll barber shop to ease him into the cutting chair. I promised him he could still rock with short hair...and he can.

Three more "sleeps."


Talia Jewelry Design said...

Those are great pictures. Love the new haircut soon. Yay for Saturday!! (I know I am such a dork)

Talia Jewelry Design said...

not sure why "soon" is in the previous post. oops

Anonymous said...

It looks like Rhett is ready for a "Lovey"! The hair cut looks great!

Luv, Nana

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. . . and a very mature looking Rhett as a loving subject. I agree with Nana. . . I see another addition to the family soon. Really sweet pictures. Three more sleeps and down to two now as this reaches you. Also love your new blog heading picture it shows Rhett will be watching over his new little sister. . . Rock & Roll hair cut like his Uncle Aris or not he is going to make a great big brother. . . that loving spirit shows all over him. I have said how proud I am of you guys haven't I. . . ? We will talk soon. Love DAD

April said...

Such a Cutie pie! Only 2 more sleeps!!!