Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Made With Love

Again I'm blown away by the generosity of my friends! Last night under the guise of a craft night I was presented with an amazing quilt made by the craft ladies while we were in Ethiopia picking up Mezmur. Each lady made a 12/6" quilt piece and it was put together to make a beautiful quilt for Mezmur. They didn't come up with a color scheme or style to follow, but when all the pieces were put together...the final result, a perfect quilt for Mezmur to grow up with. The colors and style of each quilt piece go beautifully together. I was surprised and brought to tears...feeling a little like, "Why do I deserve this?" Also feeling like, "I have some of the greatest friends ever...I'm very lucky."

Thank you crafty ladies...Mezmur loves her quilt. As you can clearly see.

Thank you Caroline, Daria, Liselle, Lori, Lupine, Monica, Myndi, Talia, Tess, and Tracey! You are all the best. You sure know how to make a girl feel very loved.

Dolls For EOR

I'm almost back in business. I hope to be opening up shop again soon, but in the meantime I have been busy with my kids (I do love saying kids) and other crafts. I have been working on a few personal projects, teaching classes at Bolt, and working on these dolls for the Ethiopian Orphan Relief auction that is on May 9th. If you live in Portland or will be visiting Portland on the 9th you can purchase your tickets here or at the door. These dolls will be up for auction and a custom doll gift certificate. If you are interested in your very own doll...post your email in the comment section and I'll add you to my email list. I will be sending out an email when I officially open up shop again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Story to Remember from Our Trip

I wanted to get this story "on paper", because it is one worth remembering.
It is hot in Ethiopia. Hot for us mild tempered Oregonians. Riding in the van was very hot. I usually tried to sit next to a window that I could open. We were on our way to the Zoo. I had Mezmur on my lap and I was feeding her a bottle. I had a cute little shorts outfit on her with no socks. Her legs and feet were bare. We were sitting next to an open window winding in and out of traffic. At one point we had slowed down enough for a man to walk across a couple lanes of traffic (after you go driving around Addis you will know just how crazy that is) to close the window to just a crack. I saw him coming. I thought he was going to ask for money. Instead he closed the window to protect Mez from the elements. He closed the window to protect one of "his" babies. After this experience I kept Mez in pants/long-sleeves/socks to respect the culture of Mez's birth country and to show the people of Ethiopia just how much she will be protected.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Shower

I had a lovely shower last weekend. Thanks to some amazing women. Lori was the hostess and threw a wonderful party. There were a few photographers there and I'm so grateful for all the beautiful pictures I have see so far. These are courtesy of Joy and Erin. Might I add that I have a bit of camera envy now...
This is how Mezmur started the shower...a little power nap while Mama enjoyed a mimosa. Then we had some delicious food and gifts. This jacket was one that my mom wore, I wore, and Mez wore and wasn't too sure about it. It must have been the rabbit fur on the cuffs. Poor rabbits.

I believe this picture is in response to the pink jacket fashion show.

I will resist saying what you all are thinking...but they sure are adorable together.
Thanks again to all who were there and helped with putting together this welcoming for Mezmur. This girl is sure loved!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't Take This The Wrong Way...I Really Don't WANT My Baby To Be Hurting

Dear sweet Mezmur...
I hope there is a jagged sharp tooth stabbing it's way through your tender pink gums. I hope that you are not just a terrible sleeper...like your brother was. I hope one day that you will sleep longer than 4 hour stretches and that you will let your Mama sleep in past 5:30 on a regular basis. I hope it is just your teeth keeping you awake and that soon (please-please-please make it really soon) you will give your Mama (and Dada) at least 6 and a half hours of unbroken sleep.
Thank You in Advance,
Your Mama

Lost and Found...the hat. It was lost. Left in a Target grocery cart.
Found in the lost and found at Target. Thanks-goodness. I couldn't live without the hat.

I have just added a visitor counter to the blog. I have been very pleasantly surprised to see the number of visitors climbing daily. In a week there were over 1,200 visitors. I'm sure for some of you bloggers that is chump change, but for me...huge. Thanks for visiting...visitors.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just Easter Fun

I love-love-love our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Sure, it is over in 30 seconds, but where else can you go to see ALL of your neighbors and friends chasing after their kids yelling out orders to get more eggs than all the other kids. Rhett won. It could be because he was in the 0-3 age hunt...I didn't find this out until right before the ribbon was cut. Oh, well. It makes up for the other years that Rhett didn't know what he was doing and only got a couple of eggs.
The loot.
Here is Mezmur Mimi and her namesake...my Mimi. Wow, is this girl loved. No, that isn't Cousin Itt feeding Mezmur...it is her Uncle Aris. What does the Easter bunny put in a baby's Easter basket?
Mezmur met more family...her Grandpa and Grandma. Oh, and dogs Murry and Dobie. Mez is an animal lover.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pre-Easter Fun

We made these nests again...they are so cute and tasty.
We decorated eggs the other day. Rhett is at the age where these things are new to him, because he doesn't remember things he did the year before...he loved it.
How to hold a baby and decorate an egg at the same time. Don't worry, this only lasted 20 seconds.

Mom and Dad's masterpiece...

Rhett's favorite.
This is what happened when Rhett decided he wanted to eat one of the eggs he decorated, cracked it, and saw that the decorated egg was no-longer. He couldn't bring himself to eat the egg inside...so sad.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More About the Welcome Wagon

We were greeted home with this great banner...made by our neighbors. Inside my mom also made a huge poster to welcome us home. I haven't wanted to take down this cute banner off our door. We were welcomed home by so many friends and neighbors. The best thing a friend can do is start a food chain! We were served so many great meals and everyone was rewarded with meeting Mezmur. The meals?
chicken soup (THANKS lISELLE)
chicken curry (THANKS BETH)
chili and corn bread (THANKS MYNDI)
Not to mention all the wine, beer, salads, amazing cookies, beets, bread, muffins...
Thanks for spoiling us...friends and neighbors! Amazing!

Last night we were visited by our neighbors. They brought a beautiful Pendleton blanket for Mezmur. It was so nice of them to think of her. The blanket is beautiful and Rhett might fight her for it. Here they are playing peek-a-boo with the blanket...

Plant the seed with a friend about a food chain. You will love not having to cook when you come home! April and Courtney...if I could send you meals I would!!! Maybe I should start the chain for you?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Vitamin D

We have been so happy with the much needed sunshine and warmth that Portland has been getting in the last few days. We have been outside every waking moment...soaking up some vitamin D.
It isn't so easy to take pictures of two kids at the same time. I'm lucky to get a good one of them together. Either they aren't looking and it just isn't a good one...
...or he hides behind Mezmur...
...or he jumps in front of Mezmur. I'll keep trying and share the good ones with you.

The other night...
DAD: Rhett, why do you always itch your nose when you brush your teeth? Does the electric toothbrush tickle your nose?
RHETT: No, it doesn't tickle it itches!
DAD: Rhett, that is sort of the same thing.
RHETT: No, Dad, they aren't synomyns! (synonyms)
No, we don't quiz our four year old, but Dan does recall months ago telling Rhett what a synonym was...and he remembered. Now if only I could get him to remember to put away his toys.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coffee Ceremonies

We enjoyed many coffee ceremonies while in Ethiopia. Yes, I'm an extreme coffee lover, but the ceremonies were more than just coffee. Some of my fondest memories of our trip included coffee and those little cups at the House of Hope. I came home with several pictures of those tiny cups. All coffee ceremonies are served with popcorn, which is an interesting addition to coffee. The coffee? Strong, dark, smooth, not bitter, basically the best coffee you will ever have. All I ask is...please don't say no when the coffee is offered.

A ceremony at Mezmur's orphanage.

A ceremony after our traditional lunch at the House of Hope.

A final ceremony at our guest house.