Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coffee Ceremonies

We enjoyed many coffee ceremonies while in Ethiopia. Yes, I'm an extreme coffee lover, but the ceremonies were more than just coffee. Some of my fondest memories of our trip included coffee and those little cups at the House of Hope. I came home with several pictures of those tiny cups. All coffee ceremonies are served with popcorn, which is an interesting addition to coffee. The coffee? Strong, dark, smooth, not bitter, basically the best coffee you will ever have. All I ask is...please don't say no when the coffee is offered.

A ceremony at Mezmur's orphanage.

A ceremony after our traditional lunch at the House of Hope.

A final ceremony at our guest house.


Julie said...

Oh how I love coffee. And oh how I love (and totally miss) the coffee in Ethiopia. And all the coffee ceremonies while we were in Ethiopia, and at the HOH.
Great memories....and pictures.
I miss that yummy smell.

Sam's mom said...

I really want to comment on your actual posting...I do. But it's hard to concentrate after seeing that top picture of Mez. Her eyes Autumn, I just cannot get over what a beautiful child she is. It seems like she has so much knowledge, like she has an "old soul" and so much to teach us all. I could gaze at her picture for hours.

handfull of johnsons said...

Sounds like Heaven to me...and they serve it with popcorn even? Two they serve sugar? and do they serve it to children?
Such a sacred, hospitable thing. If they knew about our instant coffee and the horrible things we do to it, I don't want to know what would happen.
I love your photography. It tells such sweet stories.

Christine said...

You and your photography, very nice, lovely. Thank goodness I caught up to coffee later in life.

Seriously, your photos are fab.


lori said...

How delightful about the coffee! A couple times a day, you must've wanted to ask, "Well folks, isn't it about time for a ceremony around here?"

I'm curious about the answers to Darbi's questions! They do serve coffee to children in Guatemala, but when it's all they drink, it has some unfortunate health ramifications, as you can imagine. It's nice when they realize they shouldn't do that - leaves more for us adults, who can handle it responsibly. Ahem.

Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

Mmmm. I can smell it. Lovely!

dad-gramps said...

Such memories to go along with all your senses. I'm sure the connection is made every day in some way. Thanks for my coffee after seeing this post, I'm grinding some beans, brewing and having my own ceremony this weekend. . . Will be sending you guys my love. . . Take care. Love Dad