Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't Take This The Wrong Way...I Really Don't WANT My Baby To Be Hurting

Dear sweet Mezmur...
I hope there is a jagged sharp tooth stabbing it's way through your tender pink gums. I hope that you are not just a terrible your brother was. I hope one day that you will sleep longer than 4 hour stretches and that you will let your Mama sleep in past 5:30 on a regular basis. I hope it is just your teeth keeping you awake and that soon (please-please-please make it really soon) you will give your Mama (and Dada) at least 6 and a half hours of unbroken sleep.
Thank You in Advance,
Your Mama

Lost and Found...the hat. It was lost. Left in a Target grocery cart.
Found in the lost and found at Target. Thanks-goodness. I couldn't live without the hat.

I have just added a visitor counter to the blog. I have been very pleasantly surprised to see the number of visitors climbing daily. In a week there were over 1,200 visitors. I'm sure for some of you bloggers that is chump change, but for me...huge. Thanks for visiting...visitors.


Missy said...

Yikes! I'm hoping it is a teething thing and goes away super quick!!

Glad you found the hat, cause that cuteness needs to continue!!!

Kristin said...

So gorgeous.

mama becca said...

Sam is STILL dealing with teething... it's terrible... and it took him a LONG time to sleep through the night once we got home. My older kids were terrible sleepers too as babies :(. But now they all sleep through the night, so there is hope!!! Sending you some good sleep vibes!
hang in there,

Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

Oh good! So it's not just us - yea!! Still hoping they ALL teeth quickly!

kathy said...

Beautiful pictures of Mezmur! She really is just something special. Every time that I see her she just makes me happy. :)

Gingko said...

Oh my, she is just a doll! Great pictures!!

Christine said...

Oh, love that gummy smile on your girl. I remember when I had my son, my mom was talking to me about my sleep issues. I said something about well, maybe after the firt year I will sleep better. She was like, "Oh YES! Definitely by the time he's a year......" And then she got this far off look in her eye and she says, "Yes, but you never really sleep the same way ever again." Yeah, but she wasn't talking about teething, more about the general worries that keep you awake. Hope you get to six or even seven hours very soon!


Alida said...

Autumn, I'm visiting regularly. So fun to see updates on Mez and Rhett. You might remember, we also have a four year old son whom we more than likely will take along on the trip to Ethiopia just like you guys did with Rhett. And we are also waiting for a little girl.
I hope Mez will soon feel better, glad you found the hat - it's sooo cute, did you knit that?
Take care,

Nikki said...

That hat is so adorable! Hope the pain from teething goes away soon!

dad-gramps said...

There are no answers through the journeys of growing up. This statement will give you no more sleep I know while Mezmur grows, but I remember times at night and early mornings working through spells with both of my children. These feelings never go away and those moments together you can never get back. The exchanges of emotions as a parent seeing your children in discomfort brings out what being a parent is about and it never goes away. . . I know you know this.

Count me in on a shift while we are in town. Now that could give you guys some SLEEP. Love to ALL !!!!