Monday, April 13, 2009

Just Easter Fun

I love-love-love our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Sure, it is over in 30 seconds, but where else can you go to see ALL of your neighbors and friends chasing after their kids yelling out orders to get more eggs than all the other kids. Rhett won. It could be because he was in the 0-3 age hunt...I didn't find this out until right before the ribbon was cut. Oh, well. It makes up for the other years that Rhett didn't know what he was doing and only got a couple of eggs.
The loot.
Here is Mezmur Mimi and her Mimi. Wow, is this girl loved. No, that isn't Cousin Itt feeding is her Uncle Aris. What does the Easter bunny put in a baby's Easter basket?
Mezmur met more family...her Grandpa and Grandma. Oh, and dogs Murry and Dobie. Mez is an animal lover.


Melissa and the boys said...

We can not wait to meet her! I am SO happy for you guys!

dad-gramps said...

Looked like a very loving Easter. . . Looked more like "Thing" feeding Mezmur. He said his hair was long, but that's the longest I've ever seen it, Mezmur didn't seem to mind, but I think he should were a hair net next time.

I can't wait either to get to know Mezmur, we may need to Sype again soon. As always love to all!!!!

Christine said...

Uncle Aris needs a hair net? Dad-gramps, you are funny! Pics are great, love the hunt and the easter basket with carrots. Very sweet. That made my day.


lori said...

Very nice description of the neighborhood egg hunt. We were laughing on that one.

Way to go, Rhett. I wouldn't feel bad that he was in the 0-3 category. Hey, children in that category need to learn that life isn't fair, and if they're gonna be the winner of the egg hunt, they've got to practice, practice, practice.


Fine family said...

They are so cute together! I think I see some curls coming in too! Hasina has a few waves but not to much hair to tell yet :o)