Friday, May 15, 2009

Tsegay and a Couple of Rhettisms

One quick Rhettism that isn't related to the rest of the post...
Mom: Should we call ___ and ___ to see if they want to play this afternoon?
Rhett: No, I think I want some Mom and Mezmur time this afternoon.

This photo was taken the morning we met Mezmur. We were waiting for the car to pick us up.
Last night at dinner...
Rhett: Oh, Mommy, when will we ever see Tsegay again? (The director at House of Hope)
Dad: I don't know Rhett. Maybe we will visit one day.
Rhett: But Daddy, will he get yellow fever?
Dad: No, Tsegay got the yellow fever shot.
Rhett: Oh, maybe he got the shot upstairs at the House of Hope.

Tsegay left an impression on Rhett. He took him by the hand to show us Mezmur's room and crib. He nodded understandingly at Rhett's crazy antics at the HOH. Gave Rhett a bouncy ball while we were doing paperwork in his office. And when Rhett spilled a bottle of water all over Tsegay's desk...he was very understanding. My favorite memory of Tsegay was when he heard Rhett call Mezmur, Mezzie for the first time. He had a good laugh at that. Oh, Tsegay, when will we see you again?It was so hard and stressful to have Rhett with us in Ethiopia, but I still wouldn't trade it. I love that he knows Tsegay personally, that he knows that the shots were given upstairs at the HOH, and that he will never forget Tsegay and the HOH...the magical place where he saw his sister for the first time.


Julie said...

What great memories! And awesome pictures. I need a kleenex!

Christine said...

Love the photos. I love the shadows of the curly railing, beautiful. You give me courage about going with my son one day.


dad-gramps said...

That connection is amazing and a childs heart can never be measured, it is without limits. . . you have given absolutely beautiful experiences to both of your children. Thank you for sharing it with us all. . . Can't wait for the hugs. . . Love to ALL!!!! - !!

**Heidi** said...

I love your blog...the beautiful photos, the cute Rhettisms, the amazing love, your beautiful daughter and the journey to bring her home. All awesome and inspiring!

handfull of johnsons said...

I hope his little heart is forever sensitive to the country because your mommy heart and daddy heart knew better than the "rules". Harder...but worth it. Isn't that what parenthood is about?