Monday, June 29, 2009

We Made the Switch

We made the switch to cloth diapers. Mothers have been doing it for centuries, so I thought I could handle it. Why do cloth diapers scare me so much?
We tried to use cloth with Rhett when he was first born, but we stopped, because he was such a difficult baby...I know, bad excuse. I started to feel compelled to use cloth diapers and I really had no reason not too, so here we are. For now I requested a service...Tidee Didee, until I get brave enough to wash our own diapers.
You-are-welcome Mezzy's tush and planet Earth.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Garter Love Sweater

Oh, this is THE sweater. The sweater that I saw here a year ago that I think helped inspired me to want to knit for myself. A little over a year ago I started to knit and I'm constantly inspired to learn something new in knitting. A wise woman told me (who was told by another wise woman) when I started to knit, "Don't get caught up knitting scarves and hats. Knit what you want." I really wanted to knit sweaters and toys. I really wanted to knit sweaters for myself. So, you might remember my first sweater. Now, I have finished the sweater that helped to inspire me to knit and I love it. It could stand to be a little bigger, but I think it turned out nice. You can also see the sweater here...

Thank you Rhett for being my photographer...
I've started another sweater for myself. I'm making this sweater...I can't wait to finish it! The gull lace pattern is a challenge and so much fun.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rhett the Photographer

I was very proud of my idea to give Rhett a "big brother" gift the morning we were to meet his baby sister. We thought this would help ease the transition a little. We gave him a digital camera. I finally got the pictures onto the computer and there are some gems there. One of the first pictures he took was of his snake, "snakey."

View off the Deck
Other View off the Deck
Soccer Ball in the Grass
Ethiopian Sky and Barbed Wire
Mom and Dad Eating Breakfast
Traveling Friends and Rhett's Girlfriend
Does this one look familiar?
Meeting Mezmur For the First Time
Checking for Teeth
Guest House Door
Mezmur at Home
Mom and Mezmur
Self Portrait
Deer and Duck
Family Room
Mezmur in the Car
Mom Knitting in the Car
Mom and Mezmur Outside

Happy Father's Day Dan

"You're the best dad ever." -Rhett, Mezmur, and Autumn

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ode To Dad

You all know him...he is the one who leaves all the heartfelt comments on each posting. Such as...
When a father sees his daughter as the type of mother you are it touches his heart. Our recent trip to you even brought that more to light then ever. You both are great parents and will continue to guide your children as you have. This type of spirit and this type of love is within us all. You have this shining through both of your children. A blessing is a blessing, as meant to be is meant to be. To explain what that feels like inside as it shines through you is like trying to explain what a strawberry taste like to someone who has never tasted one (I love this). . . That person has to taste that strawberry. . . Inside us all is the key. To think you understand it doesn't get you there if you are still on the outside of what shines. You have to experience it and you can only feel it. Your experience now is the Ocean and there are an endless supply of "grains of salt" in that ocean. . . you will need them for only so long until you realize, it is what it is. . . There I go again.


Meant to be can be no more perfect, precious and beautiful. . . but in Mezmur's case it has. I can hardly stop the tears of happiness for her and our family. She is joy and has a spirit that has made a connection in me that I have never felt before. Love to Mezmur, Rhett ( I didn't mean to scare you the other night when I got up when you were coming out of your bed to tell us something ) and their wonderful parents ( We need to skype-it soon ). MISSING YOU ALL!! You TOO BILLY & SOFT!!

Do any of you have a favorite Dad/Gramps comment? Please leave a comment on this post for my Dad and tell him (like many of you have told me) how much you like his comments.

Happy Father's Day Dad.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Treasure Found

I absolutely forgot I had this! While getting some art supplies out for Rhett and I today, I found this sheet of paper that says MEZMUR in Amharic. As we packed up our things to leave Ethiopia I asked one of the ladies at the guest house to write Mezmur's name for me in Amharic. I love that it sort of looks like it spells "home." I plan on framing it for Mezmur...another treasure from Ethiopia.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For The Dad

Yes, even Dan gets handmade clothes. When he saw Rhett's sweatshirt (The rust colored sweatshirt he is wearing in this picture) made from this pattern he said, "I want one." (Just another plug for my class tonight.) So, I made Dan this sweatshirt. I love how it turned out except for the is sort of wavey. I know you can't really see it in this picture...I'll have to take a better picture of it. Dan saw me making shorts for Rhett and said, "I want shorts." I told him I wasn't going to make him shorts with an elastic waste for him. Sorry. I am making him a Father's Day gift though. I was inspired by this fellow crafter. (Oh, I can call her a fellow crafter because she came to craft night at my house last week.) I obviously can't reveal the Father's Day gift now, but if Dan likes it and wears it, I'll reveal it next week.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last Call Portlanders!

You know you want to make this jacket...
As you know, I teach classes over at Bolt. This Tuesday I start the Favorite Things-Little Hooded Jacket class. The class is for 3 weeks and I would love to add more students to the class! If you are interested call Bolt!

A Summer Favorite

Barbecued everything. A couple of favorites...artichokes, pizza, garlic bread...
Dan's nickname isn't Bobby Flay for nothing.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Strawberries...New Farm *EDITED*

This morning we headed out for strawberry picking. We decided to try a new farm. It didn't disappoint. Sure, it didn't have corn roasters or roosters, but the strawberries were perfect.
Strawberries weren't the only treasures we found today. Dan called to me, "Emergency...emergency, come quick and bring your camera."
Do you see it?
Very sweet, but a little sad for that lonely egg. We left it hoping the mama bird would be back.

Notice how Rhett is sitting...does anyone know who else sits like that? *I guess I should clarify...I used to sit like that and still do. My ballet teacher used to get so mad at me for sitting like that when I was little*
Poor Mezzy...she can't have any of the delicious sweetness yet. Torture.

Dan declared he wants to do this every other weekend...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He's A Martha Fan

I like Martha and so does Rhett. I can always count on Rhett being excited to watch Martha Stewart with me.
We were inspired to make these cookies yesterday. They are the best cookies and fun for Rhett to make. With the rolling, and the sugar, and the making holes in the dough, and the squirting chocolate, and the licking...oh, my.
While we are baking Rhett makes sure to point out..."That's not how Martha does it." "Martha's cookies don't crack." Yes, they are on a first name basis.

What does Mezmur do while we bake? Make a mess and fuss in her highchair. Don't worry sister. Very soon you too will be allowed to lick the spoon.