Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Knit Doll

I thought it would be fun to knit a doll for Mezmur. Yes, it was fun. She is slightly inspired by this BlaBla doll. You know, I thought to myself..."I could make that." I found the pattern here. Mezmur is also getting the BlaBla doll for her birthday.

Mezmur doesn't like the taste of the hair and basically thinks the doll is boring.
I think she will find a home on my shelf and Mezmur will get her wrapped up under the Christmas tree one day. I do have a sweater, skirt, and pants to knit for the doll still... Buttons are always fun though.


dad-gramps said...

I could understand the tasting of the hair not working for her. It's nice to see the finished product of "one" of you projects when we were there. . . I'm FIRST TODAY. Hope rhett has fun at Church Camp. Love to ALL.

Heather said...

My little girl has that same blabla doll--it really is a cutie. I've always thought it was a little strange that it has blue eyes, though.

Also, I am quite impressed that you're thinking about Christmas gifts already!

Christine said...

Very, very cute doll. Cuter kid.


Eryn said...

so cute! I have a bla bla doll Coco, and LOVE her. (well, it's for Lucy, of course!)