Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ode To Dad

You all know him...he is the one who leaves all the heartfelt comments on each posting. Such as...
When a father sees his daughter as the type of mother you are it touches his heart. Our recent trip to you even brought that more to light then ever. You both are great parents and will continue to guide your children as you have. This type of spirit and this type of love is within us all. You have this shining through both of your children. A blessing is a blessing, as meant to be is meant to be. To explain what that feels like inside as it shines through you is like trying to explain what a strawberry taste like to someone who has never tasted one (I love this). . . That person has to taste that strawberry. . . Inside us all is the key. To think you understand it doesn't get you there if you are still on the outside of what shines. You have to experience it and you can only feel it. Your experience now is the Ocean and there are an endless supply of "grains of salt" in that ocean. . . you will need them for only so long until you realize, it is what it is. . . There I go again.


Meant to be can be no more perfect, precious and beautiful. . . but in Mezmur's case it has. I can hardly stop the tears of happiness for her and our family. She is joy and has a spirit that has made a connection in me that I have never felt before. Love to Mezmur, Rhett ( I didn't mean to scare you the other night when I got up when you were coming out of your bed to tell us something ) and their wonderful parents ( We need to skype-it soon ). MISSING YOU ALL!! You TOO BILLY & SOFT!!

Do any of you have a favorite Dad/Gramps comment? Please leave a comment on this post for my Dad and tell him (like many of you have told me) how much you like his comments.

Happy Father's Day Dad.


Julie said...

Happy Father's Day to you! Your comments so eloquently show the love of a father to his child, they bring tears to my eyes. One of my favorite comments was on Autumn's "This ain't no pregnancy" post. I can not read this post without crying because it really describes how emotionally hard adoption is, and your support comes through in your words.
Enjoy your day!

Gretchen said...

Autumn's dad = awesome dad!

sarah said...

i love all of your dad's comments! they're all so heartfelt.
thanks for sharing with us! :)

April said...

Happy Father's Day Autumn's Dad. You raised an awesome daughter! I'm so happy to have her in my life!


Happy Father's day to Dan too!

dad-gramps said...

Thanks for this post Autumn. . . Heartfelt has always come easy when it comes to you and now your family. Each milestone you have reached in your life has made me more and more proud of who you are. From your hand wrapped around my finger on the day you were born, to our recent visit together and every moment in between. . . you have and always will have this special place in my heart. I do know whatever life has in store for us both our relationship will always be what it has continued to be. . . full of love and mutual support. Every day is Happy Father's Day to me. . . I feel blessed. Love to you and your family. . . Dad

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

I love your dad's comments too. Sometimes where there are lots of comments, I just skip down and find his and read just that one. :)

I love them all.