Friday, July 31, 2009


I finally made the laundry soap that I've been wanting to make for a while. Then the heat wave came and I wouldn't dare turn on the burner even for a second. It is finally cooling outside (90 degrees), I ran out of laundry detergent, and I had a free 5 minutes, so today was the day. It really did only take 5 minutes. I shredded the soap with my food processor...quick and easy.
There is probably five times more soap than this...
This is the recipe I used...Little Birdie Secrets.
Today is a big day! Mezmur's birthday! There will be a birthday post tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nap Time Diaries

Today at nap time...two dolls almost ready to be shipped out.

Damn You Global Warming

What do you do when it is over 100 degrees and you don't have air conditioning...slip and slide. Our s & s is a permanent fixture on our front lawn for the week. 107 degrees today? Seriously? On the list for today...stay cool anyway possible. I'm sure the slip and slide will get some use today too.
Mez getting a push. P.S. she loved it.
Uncle Aris.

Uncle Aris' friends and our neighbors...

Rhett's challenge...make it all the way to the end. He is getting good!
Uncle Aris splashing Mez.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nap Time Diaries

I am beginning a new chapter of Blinkin Blog. I call it nap time diaries. I will include photos and a description of what craftiness I accomplished during the precious hour and a half of my day...nap time.
Limbs: ready to be turned and stuffed
Limbs: stuffed Go check out my post on Bolt Neighborhood.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whistler of the Heavens

Oh, Andrew Bird...your whistling is magical and who else can play the fiddle as a guitar like you? Watch this video and Andrew Bird will be your favorite too. (Oh, and who doesn't want to see Paper Heart?)

Meghan, I'm thinking of a music list. It is hard for me to make a list, because my favorites are always revolving, but Andrew Bird is a constant and forever favorite.

Friday, July 24, 2009

There's a New Blog in Blogland

Fabric Napkins
I have a new favorite blog and you will too!
Bolt, the fabric store I shop, teach, hang-out and drool at the fabric at has just started a blog. It is run by the lovely Lupine. Lupine has done a great job and I'm so excited about this new blog.
Go have a look now and you will see my first contribution to the new Bolt Blog on Wednesday about those cloth napkins.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mezmur is Almost ONE

I'm just a Mama holding on to babyhood a tiny bit longer.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Try It

Grilled granny smith apples brushed with olive oil...
...on a turkey burger...
= another delicious thing from the grill.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Brother Fun

Lucky for Rhett we had an extra ticket for the Andrew Bird and The Decemberists concert. As you know he is a huge Jenny Connolly and The Decemberists fan. He always plays his keyboard and accordion to sound like Jenny Connolly. He is also a big Andrew Bird am I...Andrew Bird is in my top 3 favorites.
Here is Rhett at the stage listening to Andrew Bird. He put on a very upbeat happy show.
Rhett enjoyed his ice cream right before The Decemberists came out and it sure gave him the energy he needed to stay up late dancing.
Rhett and Dan danced the whole concert. This is Rhett running circles around Dan. Rhett said, "That was the best concert ever."
So, Rhett has been amazing at balancing on his bike with no peddles for over a year. He could coast all the way down the long as there was a slight hill. Thanks to our neighbors we got the second hand-me-down bike with peddles. Rhett has been nervous to get on it. I knew if he would just try it he would be able to do it. Well, Dan took him to the track on Saturday and by Sunday he was ready to ride with the Sunday Parkway, which was just a few houses away.
Rhett rode 3-4 miles on Sunday! He fell, but got right back on his bike. He rode up hill and down hill with confidence. I'm a very proud Mama.
It was a fun to give Rhett a little special attention last weekend. I think he had a great weekend too.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kruger Farm Concert 2009

Mez had her first trip to a Krueger concert. After all the drama of...will he get the right permits to have concerts this year?...Krueger had the first concert of the year. Mezmur also had her first corn on the cob. I remember very well last year...longing for our baby girl. Thinking, she will be with us next year at Krueger Farms...and here she is...enjoying the corn, wide open spaces, music, and fun with her family.
The sprinklers were on and Rhett was a little happy to be out on the farm too.

The flip-flop-clan on the hayride plus one more.

We hope there will be many more Krueger Farm concerts in Mezmur's future.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Tuesday

A friend did this a while back and I always thought it would be a fun idea. I woke up Tuesday and thought...that would be a fun thing to do today, because we don't have too many plans....our day sure got busier than I thought.
Rhett is the leader of our mornings. He is a creature of habit. Mornings start with a yogurt, tv, then, we begin a Tuesday in the life of us with yogurt on the family room floor.
Next for this creature of habit...his shows. His only tv time is in the morning. We can be heard saying, "Mezmur, stop watching tv." She loves her shows is hard to shelter the second child from tv when the first child is a morning tv watcher.
Breakfast today is a toaster waffle with whipped cream and berries...oh, and a few Joe's O's were given out a baby girl.
Then, while we clean up and I get Mez down for her nap Rhett is usually here with his guitar.
Usually when Mez is asleep we try to do a "big brother" thing together. Today Rhett is picking mint for a treat we are going to make...
...cantaloupe, mint, honey, and yogurt popsicles.
Rhett got a little closer to his third surprise with his Summer Reading.
Now that Mez is awake it is time for our first outing...taking Soft McSoft to get her sutures out.
After we drop Soft off at home we make a stop at Bolt to drop off this Trapeze Sundress for a sample for the store. I'll be teaching this class in August!
Now, home for lunch! Mez is eating carrots, pasta, and cantaloupe. Rhett eats cheesy chips and I eat my new favorite lunch...a tomato paste, mozzarella, and Parmesan quasadilla...oh, so delicious.
Nap time...I'm working on a Trapeze Dress for myself with a few modifications.
In order to give my brain and body a little rest I sat down to watch an episode on hulu and work on a couple rows of my sweater. No, I can't just sit and do nothing...
Dinner was made before the kids woke up, because I knew we were going to have a busy afternoon. Black beans, chicken, zucchini from the garden put together in a Mexican casserole.
The usual scene when I have to wake up Rhett.
Rhett was excited to taste our treat after his is what he thought. Not a hit.
The usual scene when Mama comes in after nap.
Off to the park to play in the water with some of our favorite people.
Back at home...this scene was right after I heard Rhett say, "No! Snot Monster! You are going to get snot on me." Oh, sibling woes...
After dinner, after daddy comes home, and after the chaos of getting ready to go...we go to swimming lessons. Oh, who knew zucchini from the garden would taste so good. Rhett doesn't usually eat zucchini, but from the garden?...he clears his plate.
Mez cheers on her brother from Daddy's lap.
Rhett loves his swimming lessons!
Home from swimming with one down...
Don't let this photo fool you. She woke up for another hour and a half after this sweet picture.
Rhett and I read chapters 5 and 6 from My Father's Dragon.
It's 9:00. Time for mom and dad to have a glass of wine and watch our show to unwind after a very busy day.
Not shown...diapers were changed, a bath was given, tantrums were had, cats were fed, dishes were done, bottles were given...