Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Drive in Addis

I can almost smell the fumes.

This video is courtesy of Matt and Stephanie.

Like they said on their blog...this looks like it was a mellow traffic day for Addis Ababa.

Did I mention we were hit by a steamroller?


Lori said...

Oh lord, it's the people walking in the street that scared me worse that anything.

Julie said...

Ha ha! Oh the memories! Babies in the lap and that steamroller! Remember how those cops came out of nowhere?
Just thinking of this makes me smile. Love it.

sarah said...

wha? a steamroller??

Stephanie said...

A steamroller! Lucky us, we didn't get hit by anything.

April said...

That's so funny! I know the route by heart!!

Zora cannot stand her car seat! After driving with her in my lap in Addis- I can see why she thinks it's a bit over the top.

Kris, Staci, & Marley said...

lol, that is INSANE!