Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Fun That Was Had This Fourth of July Weekend

A visiting uncle and a hike in the Gorge.
Beer tasting...Root beer for Rhett.
Fun at the fountain with friends.
Mezmur's new crawl with one leg up and one knee down.
This is the look of out.
Another look from Mezzy.
Fun with Elliot.
Walking Mez.
Rhett sort of likes playing in water...
and fireworks.
Street graffiti.

Rhett's front row seat for our very tame fireworks. Rhett could be heard saying, "That was awesome." "Fireworks are so awesome." "That was the most awesome one."
Rhett was shocked and saddened this morning to learn the Fourth of July was over.


Julie said...

Oh how darn cute is the Mezmur look? Love the pictures! Happy day after Fourth.

And about the little chicks....we aren't naming them lest we (ok, me) would think about a specific face while eating a drumstick.

Christine said...

Lovely photos. That's you with the sparkler? Love it. I can't help but love Mezmur's attitude! Rhett's graffiti is very nice.


Anne said...

I really missed you guys! Sounds like it was a fun day. Also...cute hair, Autumn!

Missy said...

LOVE "the look"!! Too cute....

dad-gramps said...

Loved the "Beer" tasting photo. . . Rhett looked in his "Glory" all day. I got some of those Mezmur looks. I can't wait to see those looks again in person along with all the smiles and giggles. She looks like she is more then holding her own on keeping up with the big KIDS. . . Looked like a wonderful Fourth for you guys. . . Love to ALL.