Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rhett's New Pants-Nap Time Diaries

I just finished these pants for Rhett. They are the Oliver and S Sandbox Pants. Written about so lovely here by Lupine. I love them and Rhett will be sporting the Oliver and S Sandbox Pants in a number of fabrics all fall/winter.

First attempt at button holes...ever. Now I can finally finish Dan's Father's Day present...sorry, Dan.


Christi said...

Look at that cute little bootie!

Julie said...

Oh my gosh! Awesome.

dad-gramps said...

Now that's modeling. . . The kid is A STAR even when he is sleeping, that's STAR POWER! How long did you have to wait to have him roll over, or did you roll him?? The pants look comfortable. Why are they just for little people? How about OLD PEOPLE. . . I can't believe that's your first button hole. I'm sure there will be no stopping you NOW. . . Have I said you ARE AMAZING!!

My next favorite photos of children are as they are sleeping. . . Loved these pictures and Love to ALL!!!!&!&!

lupine said...

Those came out lovely Autumn. Is that a light blue denim? How hip.

Talia Jewelry Design said...

i love those. i will have to make a pair for the boys as well. they look really comfy.

queenbee said...

Hi. Remember me from the tunic class? I just got online to research any short cuts for the Sandbox pants I am getting ready to make. You had mentioned you had figured out a few, and then I found your blog. How funny. I would love to know your tricks!
Nice to "see" you,