Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All About ME

A couple of my favorite bloggers gave me "awards." No, I didn't win anything, you did. That's right, you now get to gaze upon 7 interesting facts about ME. Now aren't you glad you stopped by?

You may remember I'm not a big fan of being "awarded" and you may remember this...but, because these two bloggers are so awesome I will comply. One of the bloggers is my sister-in-law Anne, who has a blog with her friend called Life in Pencil. There, Anne shares her skills for writing with the world. The other blogger is the lovely/bad ass woman behind Cloverland Farms. It is with respect for these women that I bring to you 7 things about ME.

1. My favorite parts of the day are 7-9 am and after 8 pm. In the morning I have my coffee, Rhett watches his two shows, I get ready for the day, clean, check my email, and this is when I usually do a blog post. After 8 pm the kids are in bed and we settle in for an evening of wine, a DVD, and knitting (me, not Dan).

2. A few of the DVDs we like to watch are: Dexter, True Blood, Big Love, Breaking Bad (yikes and awesome), Weeds, Mad Men, and my guilty pleasure...Grey's Anatomy.

3. I have a Bachelors degree in Human Development and plan on going back to school one day to study art therapy, speech therapy, or occupational therapy.

4. We want 3-4 kids. We would start the adoption process tomorrow if we had a money tree.

5. My favorite breakfast at home is anything sweet. I love a delicious crepe with Nutella and toasted almonds. My favorite breakfast out is a German Pancake at Helser's. For lunch at home I love a tomato paste and mozzarella quesadilla and lunch out is usually a picnic or soup at the grocery store. For dinner at home my favorite is pizza with homemade olive oil dough and tomato paste sauce and my favorite dinner out (or take out) is Thai Noon (how we love you Panang curry).

6. I'm a fair weather person. I don't like to be too hot or too cold. Give me a day in the 70's and I'm a very happy mama. Rhett knows that mama gets "grumpy" if she is too hot or too cold.

7. In college I worked at a bead store and was crazy about beads. I beaded then the way I sew and knit now. While Dan was in law school I was working for a trust fund guy who opened a gallery in the Pearl District. With high hopes I worked for him making jewelry and running the gallery. I made bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings out of gold, platinum, and sapphire beads. I spent hours-days-weeks on all that beading and spent hours-days-weeks driving from Salem to Portland everyday to open and close the gallery. He sold my bracelets for $6,000...YIKES! Then, the economy went down hill and the first place he decided to cut corners was my pay checks. I quit. Thanks to Dan and his new law school education I threatened to sue him. He owed me a lot of money. I can no longer stand beads or beading...thanks a lot dude.


Christi said...

Wow...I never knew a thing about #7...that was a good one.

April said...

You are funny!

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

This was awesome, Autumn. #7 was very crazy. I can't believe your bracelets sold for $6,000... and that he didn't pay you. Arrrrrgh!

Julie said...

Oh I just love this post. And can I just add.....hmmm about you being a fair weather person and your son knowing that. And here I thought he got that trait from his Daddy!

I have sooooo (so!!) many beads, crimp beads, beading tools etc. I will have to send you some---you know, just for fun!!!

Anne said...

Thanks Autumn! See...I learned something...I had no idea about that dude from #7! That's crazy. Welcome back, by the way...the trip looked great.

Elizabeth said...

We have so much in common, I'm amazed that our paths did not cross before Close Knit: We both have four year-old boys, husbands are both attorneys, we both have a twenty-degree comfort threshold (60-80 degrees F), and a penchant for Nutella and Thai Noon Panang curry. Oh, and in the nineties, I had three crazy, lawsuit-worthy bosses in a row - including the restaurant owner who stole my tips!