Sunday, December 20, 2009

Come Follow Me...

Another Goodwill treasure!
Last week I found this book at Goodwill. It is a book I grew up with and always loved. Gyo Fujikawa is my favorite Children's author and illustrator. I grew up with this book and another one called Shags Has a Dream...classics.
I have found a couple Gyo Fujikawa books at Goodwill and it is one reason I can't stop my Goodwill treasure hunts.
Well, this book and this print...remember that?


paige said...

We have Gyo's Babies book--it was always a favorite of Elliott's

Goodwill gold mines are the best!

Christine said...

Those are fabulous, how beautiful. Now I know to keep my eye out for them.

dad-gramps said...

I remember that book. Didn't you have some of your books saved somewhere? You still may have your copy. . . I'm sure the kids will love them as you did. Love dad