Monday, May 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt...a little late.

I just found this photo and I love it. I especially love the snot running down her face. Why are people who don't have kids so disturbed by a kid with snot? Don't they know that we have no control over the snot and what's the point in wiping that soft sensitive nose every two seconds when the snot will just start dripping again?
Awww...Mezmur...again with THE look.
A few things for us to remember about Mezmur...She answers when someone asks her name. She says, "Memer." Mezmur can identify several letters...I'm a proud Mama.


Christine said...

oh my, that look, this girl means business.

Julie said...

Aahh, sweetie sweet Mezmur.

April said...

Mez is the sweetest little bug! I love her hat and sweater too- cute cute cute! So looking forward to June!

Duncan said...

Sorry I'm one of those with the snot. Still love that little girl, going on a big girl now talking and all. I ecspecially like "the look". . . Love to ALL!

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

She really has nailed that look, hasn't she?

When she is old enough to talk in complete sentences, she is going to rule the roost!

Anonymous said...

Look at those eyes!
She is beautiful.