Friday, June 11, 2010

Deluxe Yurt

We went on a family adventure to stay in a deluxe yurt on the coast. We had a lot to be grateful for on this trip.
We were grateful for a wrong turn to realize that we needed new breaks that very moment.

We were grateful for the hour and a half we had to spend in Cottage Grove while the car was being worked on. We had time to go to a used book store and find a new Gyo Fujikawa book and G. F. print for Mezmur's room.
We were grateful that our first day at the yurt was stormy and wet, so we could spend some time at the Umpqua Discovery Center.
I highly recommend the Umpqua Discovery Center even on a sunny day!
We were grateful that it rained heavily every night while we tried to sleep (do you know how loud it is in a yurt when it rains?), because we all took naps during the day and I didn't even feel guilty.

We are grateful that the kids woke up earlier than usual, so we could go on an early morning walk around the lake before the rain came in again.
This was my favorite part of our trip. We spent the time looking for Gnome Homes and cawing ( Bottle Rocket style) loud enough to hear our echoes.

This look...was for the other group that was on the beach.
We were grateful for the remnants of a typhoon that came in on Wednesday night. It brought us treasures on the beach. This barnacle bottle was found...probably circa 2009, but cool non the less. Another bottle said 'product of France.'
Also, check it out! A blue green glass float. We found out, with a little research, this float traveled all the way from Japan. Based on our research it was made by the Kawaguchi Glass Company. Why is Rhett making this face? Maybe because he thought it was weird and, "we should probably just leave it on the beach."


Christi said...

This was great. It made me want to go out and have a family adventure, even with all the not-so-great parts that are bound to happen.

Cloverland Farm said...

i totally laughed when i read "cawing" and "bottle rocket." :)
sounds like an awesome adventure!

lori said...

Fun trip! I sometimes like inclement weather on adventures. You remember them more.

Love the caterpillar pics.

Julie said...

How fun. Too bad about the rain though, I have been there done that and it gets rather old. Or it's just me!

Duncan said...

Amazing gifts and treasures. The sea glass float is a treasure. I have gone my whole life hoping to find on of those. Tell Rhett that is a gift from the ocean. Grateful is much more than a word when you see photos like these. It is what connects everthing. . . I have enjoyed my recent conversations with Rhett. He is sounding so grown up. I hope I'm never on the end of that Mezmur LOOK. . . Wow!! MISS YOU ALL BEYOND WORDS.

Love ME

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

Uh... Bottle Rocket is only the greatest film EVER!

Mezmur's face in that one pic CRACKED MEUP. She has "the look" down, doesn't she?

It's cool that Rhett isn't afraid of little creepy crawlies. I'm going to have to work really hard at being cool with letting my kid hold little bugs. I mean, I WANT him to, and I don't want my squeamishness to ruin his sense of adventure. You're good at that. Maybe it took practice, or else you're just a natural mom for a lil' guy.

Kristin said...

I still have "Let's Eat!" by G.F. The pictures and beautiful and diverse! My Nephew loves it. Adorable!

Duncan said...

What fun. I remember a trip like that when we went camping and my mom had a lot to be grateful for too:)) The unexpected events make the most memorable times. Wish we were there. Such precious times together. Luv ya lots Debbie/Grammy