Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Times on the Farm and Works in Progress

We spent some time at our favorite farm (Krueger's of course) on Father's Day with Anne and Ryan. Even though it was raining...there were fun times to be had.
There is a new pizza cart on the farm...only the best pizza ever...just look at it.
There will be the first concert of the Summer...there...this Thursday!
Rhett even got a lesson in jam making from Mrs. Krueger and got to bring some home.
There are several "works in progress" around here. This is a birthday present for Mezmur. I'll share what it is when I finish. I just finished her birthday dress...I can't wait to share how cute that is!
These colors are waiting to be made into Mezmur's birthday banner. The one we will hang up every year just for her. I can't wait to put all these colors together.
I almost don't think this photo deserves to be here, but this is another work in progress...our kitchen floor. Look what I have had to live with for the last 3 weeks! Tomorrow is the day we are getting our new floors! I can't wait.
There will be some "after" photos coming up.


Duncan said...

The "Farm Time" looked fun. Looked like a great Father's Day for all. I bet Rhett did enjoy helping with the jam. Mezmur DOES have a birthday coming up. She is growing up fast. . . Can't wait to see the after photos. Tell Justin not to mess up your installation and I will be inspecting his work when I get in town! Miss you all. Love me.

Also tell Justin to be careful and not bump his head. . . He will get it.

Julie said...

How exciting!

LOVE the colors for the birthday banner! Can't believe her birthday is next month already!

Anne said...

Miss you all already. I'm looking forward to seeing 3/4 of the group this weekend! We'll miss you Autumn.

Eryn said...

looks so fun, can't wait to see your finished projects!

Mama Papaya said...

So much lovely and colorful (and sunny!) excitement at your house. Enjoy the moments (and the floor).