Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Fishing

We went fishing today for the first time. We gained one child for the first part of our trip. A little girl who ran to me and hugged me in fear of a bug. I had to add this photo and the was funny. We never saw her that weird? She kept asking us to fish, but we were just trying to figure it all out ourselves...funny.
The first cast.
No, we didn't catch any fish. Rhett didn't even mind.

We tried to entertain ourselves on the other side of the lake...far away from flying hooks.
They even had paddle boats.
Here was Rhett at the end of our trip at the lake...I LOVE THIS PHOTO!
Dan is taking the fishing failure as a challenge. He and Rhett already went to the fishing store for some gear for the next trip.


Anne said...

Stick with it!!! Once you catch one, you'll be...uh...hooked. I just love how focused Rhett looks! Can't wait to tag along one of these days:)

Christi said...

Love that picture of Rhett fishing...and how Dan takes it as a challenge. Now that's a teaching moment well used.

Duncan said...

The picture of Rhett at the end of the day is Classic! He is a study in concentration when he is in to something. Perhaps we can try our hand off the Naples Pier on your next visit. Fun times, it does bring back memories. I should try and dig up the pictures of you fishing in the snow when you were about his age. I don't think you got that dirty, just wet and cold!! I loved these photos. Love ME

Rayna said...

Is this Hornings Hideout? We were just there for the NW String Summit, what a cool place!

Julie said...

Looks like fun!

How cute is Rhett. That is too funny

The Hedwall Family said...

Such fun pics, and I recognize that dress on Mez!