Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Patriotic Fourth of July Weekend

Fort Stevens for the Fourth...very patriotic of us.

A small beach town Fourth of July parade.

A boy and his first sparkler. you see it?

Astoria Column.
A great time with some great friends.


sarah said...

Your pictures are so good! They put mine to shame.
I love the one of Mez with the candy. But why didn't you include the lady who keeps cigarettes in her baby bjorn?
Thanks for the fun times!

Duncan said...

Once again it looks like it was a fun time for ALL. Now I know what a Yurt looks like. Maybe you have a picture of the inside so I can get a better idea of how "Yurting" is like. I also like the picture of "the kid in the candy store" look on Mezmur's face. What a doll. I can't wait for the hugs. I won't say how much I miss you all again. . . The heck I won't, I miss you a bunch. Love ME