Friday, July 9, 2010

What Did You Do When it Was Almost 100 Degrees?

We indulge in icy drinks in the form of Limonata and iced Americano.
I just love how Mezmur is standing here.

Swim lessons.
Why is Rhett so happy? Oh, Mezmur had just thrown his shoes into the pool.
Picnic dinner on the farm.
Fresh raspberries.
My berry Queen.
Huge sprinkler fun on the farm.
We stayed really cool and we might be farmers one day.


April said...

These are Great!

Julie said...

OOOHHHHH! Yeay for Autumn the farmer! I love that idea!

And my gosh, how cute are your kids? I so wish I could scoop them up!

McKenzie said...

Maybe we'll be farmer neighbors ; )

Courtney said...

these pics almost make this city girl want to be a farmer! (almost) :-) So cute.

lori said...

My four favorite things:

* Rhett's hair
* Mezmur's too-cool-for-school pose
* Rhett's pirate bandaid
* Mezmur's berry GRIN (a rare gem, right?!)

Duncan said...

Great series of the kids hanging out. Mezmur is too cute! Messy-berry-grin and all. I hope that 100 degree heat wave is done by the time I come. I'm coming to Oregon to escape the heat but I won't mind joining in on the fun if it is hot. Tell Rhett it looks like his swimming form was great. Did he have to swim for his shoes after he was done laughing? Little sisters!!

Interesting last comment. . . We will have to talk about that one. Inside a month feels good, can't wait to see you all!! Love ME

Lori said...

I love the colors in the swim lesson photo.

Mama Papaya said...

These are perfect.

Couple of questions. Where is Rhett taking lessons and does he/do you like them? And when would you 4 like to come over for brunch? :)

Autumn and Dan's family said...

Carrie! Hi!

Rhett takes swimming at Grant pool. We both love it. He will probably start again next session, which starts in a couple of weeks.

Brunch sounds lovely! Especially with your lovely girls and your lovely outdoor seating.

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

Yes, love the stance in photo #2!