Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Proudest Sewing Moment

The other day I asked Rhett, "Would you like to go to a store and pick out a new backpack for school, or would you like me to make you one?" Rhett said, "I want you to make me one." I said, "Are you totally sure, because we could go to REI and you could pick out a cool backpack?" He said, "Of coarse I'm sure!" He knows how to make a Mama feel good. So, I just finished his Kindergarten backpack.
I'm very proud of this backpack. I didn't use a pattern...I just "winged" it. I couldn't tell you what I did or how I did it, but I'm so proud of the finished result. It's a real backpack.
Every so often a project like this comes along. A project that I think about in bed and in the shower. I know when I'm thinking about a project in the shower it is really important. I figured how I would do the top zipper during one of those important showers. This was another one of those projects that I couldn't stop working on...until I was done. I didn't want to put it down. I feed the kids and what not, but it was hard to put it down. This is another reason I knew it was an important project.
Why yes, I even lined it.
Here is the back.
This is a close up of the outside pocket. This was one of my favorite fabrics. I remember when I bought it...a long time ago. I only bought a half yard. A little went a long way. I used some for Rhett's winter coat a couple years ago and now for his first day of Kindergarten backpack.
Here is Rhett in the coat I made him using the same fabric...a few years ago. I think it is funny how both projects have the same color scheme. I didn't realize this until I was done with the backpack. Fortunately, this coat now belongs to one of our favorite little boy friends, so Rhett won't be wearing this coat and his backpack at the same time.
This backpack was my proudest sewing moment.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I am heartbroken for Pakistan right now...heartbroken. They say the devastation of the floods in Pakistan is worse than the Pacific Ocean tsunami, the Haitian earthquake, and the 2005 Pakistan earthquake combined. Did you know that? 20 million people are affected in the area of floods that is as large as all of New England, New York, New Jersey and Maryland combined.

Go here for a great article.

Pakistan needs our help. If you can help in any way...visit one of these links:

Pakistan Relief Fund

Mercy Corps


World Vision

American Red Cross

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little C With Her Doll

Could she be any sweeter with her little doll?
Here is the doll in a doll sized Korean Hanbok...isn't it great?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New Doll

I had the privilege of making a doll for a sweet little girl who was adopted from Korea. She needs surgery to repair a hole in her heart. Her mom came to me to make a special doll for her before the surgery. She wanted the doll to have a scar next to the heart just like little "C" will have.
What a special doll for little "C" to have. A doll that she can use as a teaching tool for her friends when they ask about her scar and a doll that looks like her.
Since this doll didn't have a built in shirt she needed a couple of little dresses.

I hope to make more "naked" baby dolls and more doll clothes in the near future.
This is why I love making custom dolls. This may have been my favorite doll I've ever made.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Party and the Happy Couple

Aris (my brother) and Meredith had an engagement party last weekend. It was a great excuse to get a new dress and take a family photo.
The kids got dressed up in their Mama Made best.
Me and my girl.
The kids were the only kids there, so they got a ton of attention. Mezmur was able to get a plate of berries (after we told her no more), ice from the beer tap, a tall cup of water (which she spilled into someones glass of wine and the floor), someones sunglasses, and someones shoes at some point during the party. All she has to do is bat those eyes of hers. She kept asking for the golden liquid flowing from the tap that everyone was drinking by holding her cup up to it...fortunately no one gave in. I'm surprised, since it seems she has everyone wrapped around her little finger.
Here is the happy couple. Aris and Meredith.
In their words, "We are getting day." I hope the one day leans more on the 2 year side and not the 5 year pressure.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Annual Trip to Enchanted Forest

We made our annual trip to Enchanted Forest this weekend. It was a trip full of firsts. Mezmur's first "real" experience of EF, Rhett's first time in the Haunted House and the Log Ride, my Dad's and Aunty Anne's first trip to EF, and Rhett's first photo with Abe Lincoln.

The first sight of the witch's mouth...
Oh, the customary photo on the witch's mouth. Just like sitting on Santa's lap, we have to get the photo, sorry Mezmur. We are such mean parents.
Mezmur went in the witches mouth and slid down her hair with Dan and did just fine.

Next year Mezmur will be in prairie girl clothes next to Abe Lincoln...I hope.
Rhett thought he was hot stuff this year to hold the pretend gun. Last year he wouldn't even think about taking a photo with Abe Lincoln.
The whole crew after the Log Ride.
Fun times with Gramps/Dad.
It was a looooooooong day. Here is Mezmur just before she fell asleep while waiting for Rhett to come out of the Challenge of Mondor ride.

Until next year Enchanted Forest...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mezmur Had a Birthday Party

Mezmur had a "small" birthday party last weekend. We decided she deserved a bash for her birthday. I got to work making little party hats for all her little friends.
The delicious layout...
The kids were all hyped up on juice and cupcakes...

I knew my expectations were high, but these kids did great and I got the photo I wanted! All the kids in their party hats, on the log, and under the banner! My expectations were totally met! I didn't need all the kids happy and smiling...or dressed.
The happy birthday girl.
We were so happy Zora (and her family) were going to be in town to celebrate Mezmur's birthday. Oh, my Dad is here too... good times.
Just look at this group! Another thing about the party hats...I didn't expect all the kids to wear them or even like them. They all liked to wear the hats and some kept them on the majority of the party...just look at Zora.
This was a fun project. I put this out for the kids to paint a picture for Mezmur. This is the finished product. I love how it turned out and all her friends worked on it at some point of the party. I wish I had mixed the colors a bit or let the kids mix the colors more, but I love it.
Thanks to everyone who made it a special day for Mezmur.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pickathon 2010

We had a very busy weekend. On Saturday we went to the Pickathon. A bluegrass music festival on a farm in SE Portland.
Mezmur took a tiny nap like this...tiny. She was wired the rest of the day. My little social butterfly was in her element.
We enjoyed Megafaun at the Woods stage. It was the perfect setting for a concert.
Rhett is my dirty little forest gnome here. He thought it was fun to roll around in the dirt and get as dirty as he could. Whatever...
They had a "circus camp" set up for the kids on the times. Rhett could have stayed there all day.

The highlights of the Pickathon were...Bonnie Prince Billy at the Woods stage, caramelized apple ice cream, really good food, and good ol' fashioned family time.
What did Mezmur do at the Pickathon? Everything SHE wanted to, so that is why she was in the Ergo a lot of the time. If she could have her way she would be getting lost in the crowd, joining strangers on their blankets and eating their food, running away from us, playing with garbage, eyeing stranger's necklaces...funny thing about our daughter, strangers gave her food and the necklace off their necks...she has a funny way of getting what she wants.

Friday, August 6, 2010

From Hook to Plate

The second fishing trip was a success! Maybe because Mezmur wasn't there scaring all the fish away with her loud squeal. Dan and Rhett went fishing last weekend and caught our supper.
Bucket-o-tiny fish.
Rainbow trout.
After Dan cleaned the fish I fried it and made brown butter and lemon sauce. It turned out pretty good. It was the most fresh fish we ever had. From hook to plate in less than 10 hours. Served with Israeli Cous Cous. Rhett says, "Thumbs up!"
Regarding my sensitive boy who cries when he sees a dead doesn't bother him that the fish die when you catch it, because the fish are eaten. When a bug dies, it dies for nothing. Very philosophical of him.