Friday, August 6, 2010

From Hook to Plate

The second fishing trip was a success! Maybe because Mezmur wasn't there scaring all the fish away with her loud squeal. Dan and Rhett went fishing last weekend and caught our supper.
Bucket-o-tiny fish.
Rainbow trout.
After Dan cleaned the fish I fried it and made brown butter and lemon sauce. It turned out pretty good. It was the most fresh fish we ever had. From hook to plate in less than 10 hours. Served with Israeli Cous Cous. Rhett says, "Thumbs up!"
Regarding my sensitive boy who cries when he sees a dead doesn't bother him that the fish die when you catch it, because the fish are eaten. When a bug dies, it dies for nothing. Very philosophical of him.


Christine said...

oh my gosh, adorable, I loved how pleased he looks. Making me hungry, I love couscous and tiny rainbow trout.

davidshem said...

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