Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Party and the Happy Couple

Aris (my brother) and Meredith had an engagement party last weekend. It was a great excuse to get a new dress and take a family photo.
The kids got dressed up in their Mama Made best.
Me and my girl.
The kids were the only kids there, so they got a ton of attention. Mezmur was able to get a plate of berries (after we told her no more), ice from the beer tap, a tall cup of water (which she spilled into someones glass of wine and the floor), someones sunglasses, and someones shoes at some point during the party. All she has to do is bat those eyes of hers. She kept asking for the golden liquid flowing from the tap that everyone was drinking by holding her cup up to it...fortunately no one gave in. I'm surprised, since it seems she has everyone wrapped around her little finger.
Here is the happy couple. Aris and Meredith.
In their words, "We are getting married...one day." I hope the one day leans more on the 2 year side and not the 5 year side...no pressure.


Christine said...

The look that Mezmur can give! She cracks me up, you girl.

Duncan said...

A great final night with my family. . .

Autumn, thank you for everything (I do mean EVERYTHING) and to be a witness to all you do makes me marvel even more on who you are and what you do. Said it before but always worth repeating on how proud I am of both you and Dan. . . I love you both and your family. It is a joy for me to spend time being a part of the "family". . . All the good bye hugs were hard but you all have a special place in my heart always. . .

Aris, thanks for just letting me "hang out" with you, the band, the concert with the "43 year cycle" and getting to know Meredith along the way. You guys "fit" and work good together. It was a great dinner you two prepared for me and a wonderful party you two put together. It was nice to meet most of Meredith's family and I enjoyed our meal together after the party. . . Knowing "one day" you guys will be married does do my heart good.

To both my children. . . I miss you both everyday but always know you are always both with me and I will ALWAYS be there for you BOTH. Be happy, healthy and most of all be love. . . Love, Dad