Monday, August 9, 2010

Pickathon 2010

We had a very busy weekend. On Saturday we went to the Pickathon. A bluegrass music festival on a farm in SE Portland.
Mezmur took a tiny nap like this...tiny. She was wired the rest of the day. My little social butterfly was in her element.
We enjoyed Megafaun at the Woods stage. It was the perfect setting for a concert.
Rhett is my dirty little forest gnome here. He thought it was fun to roll around in the dirt and get as dirty as he could. Whatever...
They had a "circus camp" set up for the kids on the times. Rhett could have stayed there all day.

The highlights of the Pickathon were...Bonnie Prince Billy at the Woods stage, caramelized apple ice cream, really good food, and good ol' fashioned family time.
What did Mezmur do at the Pickathon? Everything SHE wanted to, so that is why she was in the Ergo a lot of the time. If she could have her way she would be getting lost in the crowd, joining strangers on their blankets and eating their food, running away from us, playing with garbage, eyeing stranger's necklaces...funny thing about our daughter, strangers gave her food and the necklace off their necks...she has a funny way of getting what she wants.


Anonymous said...

looks like fun. i had considered trying to go but decided that since i have two mezmur-like children, we would be running in two very different directions all the time. next year. we'll tie little cow bells to their ankles.

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

I soooooooo wanted to be there! But... our pediatrician was going and we weren't supposed to have Bennett out of the house ESPECIALLY to anywhere there would be smoke. Looks like you had enough fun for all of us. I'm so jealous!

I love Bonnie Prince Billy. We had one of his songs in our wedding.