Friday, September 10, 2010

Holy Crap. I Have a Kindergartener.

Today I sent my baby out into the world. Out to a world without me in it. Five days a week for over 6 hours he will be on his to speak. On his own to make right decisions. I just hope we taught him well at home. My hopes for him are that he will enjoy learning, he will be a good friend, he will stand up for himself and his peers, that he will eat his lunch, and that he will miss me a little...just a little.

Mezmur asks for her picture taken these days. She does it on walks and she was doing it all the way out of Rhett's school. She stopped by this collection of ceramic tiles and I couldn't pass up the photo op.

I'm so proud of Rhett. He is so ready for kindergarten and had no worries about me leaving. I only cried a little.


Talia Jewelry Design said...

so sweet. i was just about to place a blog post avout elliot and miles's first days at school. wow... i cried at both schools and not just a little. so emotional, exciting, scary, proud, sad...i was feeling so much...both kids were fine. go figure.

Christi said...

I love all of these great pictures. He just looks like a classic kinder. This is going to be a great year for our boys.

Lori said...

I love the picture of the back of his head. So sweet.
Abe has been telling *everyone*: "My friend Rhett is in kindergarten now!"

Duncan said...

Another milestone and another great blog post. The photos are GREAT! Not to mention the two subjects. . . Two WONDERFUL kids. I remember these days as a parent and to see it all again with the Grandchildren is something special and another milestone for me. I get to be proud of you ALL and a special WAY TO GO!! TO RHETT on his first day of school. Love to ALL!

Love, dad-gramps