Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Lunch

Making lunches everyday for Rhett was a source of anxiety for me when school was starting, because Rhett isn't a fan of sandwiches. There are only a couple sandwiches he will actually eat. Rhett, like his Mama, prefers hot lunches. Since a friend gave me the link to my favorite lunch blog, I've come to see making lunches as another creative outlet. I actually enjoy making his lunch.
Rhett's lunch this morning. Smoked turkey and provolone "roll ups", raw green beans, grapes, a bag of chips (in the guitar bag), and two happy little ginger gummy bears.
After turns out Rhett isn't a fan of provolone. I learn something new everyday about our kids. He ate almost all the chips and all but five of the green beans...not such a bad lunch.
I hope you all don't think this is a terribly boring post series, but I'll try to make the lunches just as cute as my favorite lunch blog...


Christina, Tyler & Logan said...

Thanks Autumn for the link to the lunch blog. I love making Tyler a lunch mostly because it looks so stinkin cute in his planet box. He only goes to half day preschool right now and doesn't take a lunch, but I pack lunches for outings. I added the blog to my list.

Duncan said...

I loved the cheesy hearts. I wish you were my MOM.


Love dad-gramps

rachel said...

i love it! i'm often puzzled as to what to make for lunches as well! we do a lot of the same around here.