Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday's Lunch

Today's lunch was flat bread pizza, marinated cucumbers, apple slices, and granola bites. The pizza was made with Trader Joe's Middle Eastern Whole Wheat flat bread, jar of marinara, pepperoni, and cheese. The "granola bites" were a failed attempt at sugar-free granola bars. They turned out more like a healthy crunchy cookie. I did add dark chocolate chips, so they weren't totally sugar-free.
Ummm...I'm thinking today's lunch was a hit.

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rachel said...

my kids were delighted - de.light.ed! with their lunches today. it was sooo fun to see! thanks so much for posting this. i think i'm going to link to it (hope that's ok!). but first i am going to let the kids pick out some material for cloth napkins to pack with their lunches. i've been sending them with the adult ones that i've made, but thought they might really enjoy picking something for themselves. and it's an opportunity for them to choose that cutesy, themed fabric that i normally wouldn't sew with! :) think kittens or tractors or that kind of thing! :)