Monday, October 4, 2010

The Weekend After Dan's Birthday

It was the weekend after Dan's birthday, so you know what that means at our house? Halloween can officially begin! We started the weekend with pumpkin waffles and getting out the Halloween decorations. We rounded out the beginning of the Halloween festivities with a little trip to The Fantasy Trail with the Rices. It was so much fun! The only one who didn't have a lot of fun the entire time was Mezmur, who seems to have many fears of what comes out during Halloween time. We found ourselves kissing and hugging some of these freaky characters to set Mezmur's mind at ease. We have basically made-out with the skeleton at our doesn't really seem to help much.

Coming up later today...a week of Rhett's lunches.


Christi said...

Cracking up at the image of your skeleton make-out sessions.

I was so inspired by the lunch blog you linked to! I was feeling really overwhelmed about packing lunches for all of us, but now it's kinda fun. I can't wait to see what you have come up with!

sarah said...

your pictures turned out way better than mine! (not surprising..)

i can't wait to see your lunches. i'm planning on making those granola bars later this week. so good.

Rayna said...

This is so sweet of Mezmur. She's always so fearless, it's cute to see her cuddled up on her dad!

Duncan said...

Autumn. . . I remember you having to ease into Halloween when you were Mezmur's age. You were all dressed up and ready to go Trick and Treating and it ended at our front door. "Little Red Riding Hood" never made it outside but you looked real cute!! Mezmur will get in the "Spirit" as soon as the spirit moves her. We never made out with a skeleton for you. . . Take care.

Love ME