Monday, November 29, 2010

My Wish List

Here is a little list of the things I can't take my eyes off of. I frequent all of these links often. Obviously fabric and yarn make the top of my list.


Japanese fabric is the only way to go. Really, if I could go to Japan to fabric shop and clothes shop for me and the kids...that would be really great. So, I guess this wish is really a trip to Japan, but since that isn't very likely any time soon...I'll look at Japanese fabric online.

*This is the fabric I've had my eye on at Bolt for a while now. I love the colors! I just don't know what to make with it...maybe a bag?
*I love this Christmas fabric!
*This one too.

Selfish Knitting

I love the Tea Leaves Cardigan pattern. I have the pattern and plan on knitting it for myself once the holidays are over and I finish the super cute baby sweaters I'm knitting. I'm hoping to "splurge" on some great yarn for this sweater. 7 scanes in a pretty pile would make me very happy.

Art Prints by Inaluxe on etsy.

I'm loving these modern prints by Inaluxe.

*This is a great print.
* This one too.
*I also love these birds.

Nativity by Urastarhouse on etsy.

I'm in love with the nativity pieces at urastarhouse. I ordered the baby Jesus last year. I custom ordered it with brown skin. I would love the whole set, but I think I'll have to slowly work up to that.

*The angel and North star.
*The whole set.
*The three wise men.
*Not to mention, all the other great things. I would love a custom family made.

Cross-Stitch Patterns by Gera.

I can't decide which one I like more...I know, I don't need a new hobby, but they are all so cute! I love the wedding one. It would be a good anniversary gift or wedding gift. What do you think Aris and Meredith?

*Wedding cross-stitch.
*Three bears cross-stitch.
*Christmas cross-stitch.
* I love this one for Mezmur's room, but with little Mezmurs.

A Good Movie and a Good Song

We went and saw the movie 127 Hours. Wow. Danny Boyle did it again and oh, James Franco...we have loved you since Freaks and Geeks. I sobbed at the end of this movie. It had to do with how emotional the movie was, it had to do with my hormones, it might have had a little to do with the cup of water Dan spilled in my lap during the flood part, but it also had a lot to do with the song choice they used during the rescue. The song is by Sigur Ros and has been an emotional song to me since I first heard it. It's just such a good song that tells a story. At 4 minutes and 38 seconds your mind will be blown. I don't think I would've sobbed if it wasn't for the song choice. I surly would've cried, but sobbed... probably not. I recommend you listen to this song and go see 127 Hours.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great day of giving thanks. It was a small gathering, but nothing about Thanksgiving is low key. I brined the turkey and had my first successful roasted turkey. The only other time I tried...the oven broke half way through roasting the turkey.
We had a day of cleaning, cooking, playing games, watching movies, and being thankful we have a house to clean, food to cook, and a healthy happy family.
Rhett made the place cards for everyone. He worked really hard. He drew a picture of the individual on the back of the place card.
I was pretty proud of our table setting.
The turkey was the best turkey I've ever had...sorry, Dad.
The outtakes are always more fun than the final photo...I'm supposed to squeeze in between Rhett and Aris...not as easy as it looks.

It's a good thing we are thankful everyday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Second Annual Hotel Stay

I enjoyed my annual hotel stay last weekend. It was just me, two nights, my sewing machine, lots of personal projects, and no was glorious. I finished Christmas presents, a table runner with a cute squirrel for the Thanksgiving table, did a bit of knitting, cut quilt pieces for our queen sized quilt, made Christmas morning pj pants for the kids...all in two days. I was a busy little elf.
Pieces laid out on the couch for the table runner.
Ok. So, I invited my family to go swimming and some friends joined them...I know I'm so nice. I even went out for pizza with the family...that proved to be less of a vacation for me, but the pizza was good.

Full length mirror! We don't have one of those at home.

I cut 256 tiny pieces for the quilt I've been working on for our room. I'm done cutting the little pieces and now...on to the large pieces and piecing the quilt together. I might need a couple extra hotel stays for this one...
Christmas presents...oven mitts.
Thanksgiving table runner.
Next year will be very different with three kids at home, but hopefully I can keep up with the tradition.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mezmur Got to Try Out Her Christmas Present

Mezmur loves her brother's backpack, so I thought I would make her one for Christmas. It is hard to hide what I'm sewing, because my sewing desk is in the playroom/tv room/computer room. She called it, "Memur's packpack!" She knew it was hers. I let her test it out. I used the Made By Rae Toddler Backpack pattern. I used fabric that I had in my overflowing stash. I just loved the mushrooms and hedgehogs...I had to have that fabric and I'm so glad I was able to use it for something so cute. This pattern was great! It will be a great go-to for toddler gifts.

She didn't take it off for a long time, but once she went away into the Christmas present box in the garage.
Yes, she is watching tv in the sewing room/playroom/computer room. She is watching her beloved Jack...she is getting a Jack doll for Christmas too, but I haven't let her play with that.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rooney Raffle

Do you know the Rooneys? They are bringing big sister home...oh, what a beautiful big sister she is.

Lori sure made me blush with that blog post! What a great woman she is....I'm lucky to know her and call her a friend.
You could win your very own custom doll!
Go to the Rooney's blog and donate just $5 to the raffle to win a doll and help them bring big sister home.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mr. and Mrs.

Let me introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Gnome.

I'll be posting this couple on ETSY...soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Half Way There

I'm at the halfway mark. We had our ultrasound appointment and we avoided any genitalia...the baby is still an it. The feeling I get when I think and wonder if this baby kicking me is a girl or boy is so worth not finding out. Sure, I wish I could pick out pink/blue yarn, make a gender specific quilt, and buy some cute new clothes, but this feeling of mystery is unlike any feeling I've ever had or ever will have again. Way better than Christmas.
As you can see, this baby is growing. According to the ultrasound, the baby measures an estimated 13 oz...which is 5 oz. larger that an average fetus at this week. I think I have another giant baby in there. Rhett got to be in the room during the ultrasound. He loved it. All three of us "oooed" and "awwwed" over every move, kick, hand, foot, heart beat, hand wave, mouth...
I'm reminded of this post I wrote while waiting for our court date for Mezmur...
Early on in this pregnancy there was a ton of stress. We had a scare and I was a stress ball. Now, we are through the woods. We have seen our baby move, I feel it move and kick all day long, we have proof that it is getting the nourishment it needs, I know where our baby is...I'll never forget that wait for Mezmur. Wow, it was tough. I love being pregnant. It is a little tough with two kids, but the kids are getting used to picking things up off the ground for me. I get a peaceful feeling every time I feel this baby move. It is THE BEST feeling I'll ever know. The thought that there is a living being growing, because of me, is fascinating and just the best feeling. I appreciate being pregnant so much more after our path to bringing Mezmur home.

Just a Few Cute Photos

Sunday, November 7, 2010

African Elders of PDX

I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like with this group of elders, but the time spent has been amazing. A couple of weeks ago I was able to join the group to take the elders to see their art at the yogurt shop. The experience was wonderful on so many levels.

First, our van was full of Ethiopian women speaking Amharic while Mezmur got kisses and caresses on the cheek all the way to the yogurt shop from the five women. To say it moved me would be an absolutely brought tears to my eyes.
Second, the looks on their faces when they saw their art on the wall and read their profiles that Lori wrote about them was so joyful. They feverishly pointed and went from one print to the next admiring their art and all the other art on the wall.
Third, I loved seeing this artist and his response when Lori and I told him about a customer who bought three of his prints for her adopted son's room. He is my favorite artist. His paintings are abstract and the colors are so beautiful. He has a natural talent for art. It is amazing that he picked up his first paintbrush just a few months ago when art was introduced to this group of elders. Lori wrote a great post about this artist and our visit to Yo Cream here.

Fourth, I loved seeing Mezmur with these elders and I loved seeing the response from these elders about Mezmur. This man insisted he take Mezmur on his lap and I take a picture. If you know Mezmur, you know she loves any extra attention she can get.
I feel so privileged to be able to work with Lori and these elders to help them continue with their art.
I hope I have many more opportunities like this one...
Every print sold will help provide art supplies for the art class at Africa House.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

The Halloween festivities began with the yearly photo on the rainbow bench. Do any Portlanders know where this bench is? The Halloween festivities ended with one missing tooth and a visit from the tooth fairy.
Rhett requested the sheet ghost costume this year. I was glad he was easy on his mom this year. He insisted that Mezmur be a ghost too. I knew she wouldn't keep a sheet over her head, so I came up with another idea...